Free Science Fun! Rattlesnake Eggs

School is starting and it’s time to pull the old Rattlesnake Egg Prank. (Packaging is different now)

People keep making more kids so there is always someone around that will fall for it and they do fall for it. A lot of people give today’s kids too much credit for being “sophisticated” and streetwise, they are even more gullible than when I was a kid in the 60’s. We had to be smart or we didn’t get to grow up, nobody protected us every minute, and we were out in the real world, with cigarettes and fireworks and no helmets, and stranger danger was by word of mouth only.


But I digress. We are so sure that our reusable Rattlesnake Egg gags work, just put the word RATTLESNAKE! in the comments section of your next order, and we will include one free. Not valid with any other “comments offer”. The free one is in addition to any that you put in your cart & pay for.

I guess this is more of a psychology/sociology thing than a science thing. Hopefully you will get this kind of response;