Minor Tweaks

March 22, 2015

rmretrologo250w We’ve made a few tweaks to the look of our discount novelty and retro store at RestlessMouse.com. Our regular customers go there and say “What? Where am I?”.

Don’t fret, we’ve still got super prices and low flat rate shipping, plus the excellent customer service you have come to expect. Most items even have quantity discounts. … Read the rest here


The Fake Twenties

February 20, 2015

realisticdropcard Did you get one or two of our “fake twenty” business cards? Want to have some of your own made up?
Here’s a link to the outfit that prints those.Read the rest here

Attention former LAKESIDE PRODUCTS customers…

September 24, 2014

I remember buying “Naked Lady Pens” and “Fortune Fish” along with many other items, from a magazine ad Lakeside placed, in like 1972? I resold these items to other kids in the neighborhood. Nowadays I probably would have been expelled from school instead of merely having my pens confiscated.

Here it is 40 years or so later, and I am still at it. I bought the remaining stock of Lakeside Novelty’s inventory when Joel retired, and more recently the stock of a joke shop that closed in Lincoln City, Oregon. We offer discount prices for retail customers, and steep quantity discounts for casual resellers and institutions. (If you want LARGE quantities, that can be arranged also!)… Read the rest here

Be careful what you wish for, coyote.

March 23, 2015

I found this little roadrunner novelty souvenir at a thrift store a while back.

A small roadrunner

A small roadrunner

He’s a cute little guy… just a little roadrunner doll, made in Japan. At least, I hope it’s just a doll. I can’t imagine capturing and going through whatever the taxidermy process is on a baby roadrunner, would be economical.… Read the rest here


March 17, 2015

I was sort of afraid of my sister’s dogs to begin with. I mean, I have heard the stories… They have been known to consume entire loafs of bread in one gulp…. They gnaw on household appliances. My sister once spent an entire night waiting for 3 D cell batteries to come out the other end, something you would expect from a robot dog.

Even so, I wasn’t prepared for what she posted on our myfamily.com site today;

Laser Eye DogRead the rest here

Doris is watching you

March 17, 2015

CarolinOmahaWatchesWent to look up a pesky spammer on 800notes.com, and everyone says it was a home security telemarketer, except this lady;

“Our evil psycho neighbor, Doris W. of Omaha, NE has been calling us and harassing us for 3 years
by using all kind of phone numbers on her cell phone & then hung up immediately.
Read the rest here

Be careful what you wish for…

March 10, 2015


We went to the ASD trade show in Las Vegas “just for shits and giggles” but this isn’t quite what we had in mind… This booth was selling “liquid ass”… Read the rest here

Across the big pond to Australia

March 6, 2015

A slow boat to Australia?

So how long DOES it take for a package to get from the left coast of these United States, to Australia? Let’s ask the wise old owl.… Read the rest here


The Restless Mouse salutes G. “thumb twiddler” Gochanour

July 12, 2014

Today we salute G. Gochanour, a retired guy from Iowa who attempted to monetize the concept of twiddling your thumbs. He was/is the “Founder and Chairman of the Board” of Twiddler’s Anonymous.… Read the rest here

How do the department store buyers do it?

July 6, 2014

DS1018_FrogZapsFlySQ250 We just got a case of these silly frog keychains. You squeeze him, his tongue rolls out like he’s just seen Miss Piggy in a bikini. Why? Just because it struck my fancy. Our inventory racks are filled with things like this, the old 80/20 rule at work. 20% of items generate 80% of profit, in this case. There are some items that are just there to add pizzaz. All I know is that I have a frog in my pocket.

P.S. to resellers; Great quantity discounts on this item!… Read the rest here