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Farts! Everything old is new again

BV0900 Fart CD We have become disgruntled, or at least differently gruntled, with our current store services vendor; so we are back to hosting one right here on the blog using the ECWID service. I logged into ECWID and the products from the last time we used them in 2011 were still there! A blast from the past. To wit; the classic Fart CD- we still carry those…

The elusive Family Doghouse


WE ALMOST MADE IT until Christmas without running out of these doghouses. Oh, we got a huge shipment at the end of December, alas, a few days late for that particular gift-giving occasion. Here’s the link, we also have spare dog sets, my son used to hide his but it was a lost cause for him; he lives in a doghouse warehouse.

JUST TO BE SURE, Teresa likes to personally inspect everything that comes in before posting it. We are small enough to do that. This is EXACTLY like the one grandma had. Made from real plywood. The only things missing are a coating of Pall Mall smoke and some random cat hair.

Click here to get yourself a classic red box containing a family doghouse plaque and FIVE dogs!.

The hardware store isn’t anymore…

underthesinkWhenever I go to a hardware or auto-supply store, I try to go around the young people who are still learning the ropes, and find the cranky old guy, who always resembles Popeye, or in this case, Mike from “Breaking Bad”. I call him the COG (Crabby Old Guy).

Lowe’s USED to be a hardware store, but I don’t think they should be allowed to call themselves that anymore. They don’t even carry a simple 1/2″ cone washer to twist on the cold water supply line under the sink and stop a simple leak, no, I even went and found the COG, and he insisted I would have to replace the cold water supply valve, and the line to the sink. Maybe this is what the plumbing code requires these days, but I am just trying to fix a leak!

Parking tickets now pocket sized!

pj1112_fakeparkingtickets_copyThe fake parking ticket 25 pack is back in stock, now POCKET SIZED for sneaky ticketing. Sneaky because I wasn’t sure how to spell surrupticious (??) and too lazy to google it. Brightly colored to cause alarm as your mark approaches the car. Inexpensive because you wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t.

Is this idea even legal?


I noticed that people don’t know what to do with their gasoline receipts, apparently somebody thought it would be fun to put it in the “take one” box on top of the pump. It’s kind of strange, because when you are paying for gas it asks if you want a receipt.

Anyway… I was thinking, what if there was an opportunity to win something on the receipt itself? (more…)

Think you have every snowglobe? Think again

VW1210 who farted snowglobe This is a great gift for your favorite snowglobe nut. (Take my wife, please; she’s about five cats and a stack of old newspapers short of being on that TV show about hoarders. This from the guy with a case of “Who Farted” snowglobes in his office.)

To be specific, each hilarious snow globe says “who farted?” along the bottom front, and inside sits a kid in a bathtub, wearing a gas mask. Shake the globe to churn up the snow. (duh) Each measures approximately 3.75 inches long x 2.25 inches wide by 3 inches tall. There are the last ones available, as far as I can tell. Then again there might be a warehouse with 50,000 of them stacked to the rafters, somewhere on the gritty side of town.

So get these WHO FARTED SNOWGLOBES on sale, now just $2.99, while they last! Oh yes, I expect a BIG run on these!

C.W. McCall will not let this stand

I hope this is not a real Manheim Steamroller track When I worked at Radio Shack many, many years ago, the manager would insist on playing Manheim Steamroller holiday music, he thought it was a good way to “demonstrate the superior quality of Realistic brand audio products” or some such nonsense.

As soon as he would go somewhere, I would switch to some crappy novelty songs, maybe Weird Al’s “Christmas at Ground Zero”. Just for spite.