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Pocket Marriage License for lovers on the go

pocketmarriagelicenseI saw this on Listia today, how clever to turn the concept of marriage licenses on its head. Who says they have to be the size of a full sheet of paper?

This would be a fun item to give to your friends with too many PDA’s, puppy love is never pretty. But they wanted too much for it, it’s just a simple little card. We have a Full size fake marriage license here at the Restless Mouse, it delves into the dark underbelly of marriage, including mothers-in-law and holes in your socks.… Read the rest here

Is it too much to ask?



All I want is to be able to take a Chimichanga out of the freezer, open the end, nuke it for 90 seconds as instructed, and be able to enjoy the entire thing, instead of leaving the hard ends and cold middle and only being able to enjoy about 40% of the thing. Is that too much to ask?

We bought a microwave “on sale” at Fred Meyer about four months ago. It has never been able to accomplish this simple task. (Should have gotten a clue from all the “open box” units in the stack that was on sale).

So I got a behemoth Panasonic at Costco, with some kind of even heat distribution technology in it. Unfortunately we filled up on free samples and so far haven’t needed to microwave anything.

The little red microwave from Costco is being sent to the garage for experimentation. Like, if I wrap a fork in a chimichanga, will it still spark? … Read the rest here

A better phone call experience?


Someone on eBaY if offering this awesome yellow rotary phone. I was thinking about biting on this one, it would look really neat on my desk! Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have a line in here. Also, I think I read that the phone companies don’t support rotary phones anymore. And our phone is actually on a fiber optic line, that’s another unknown.

So, in all likelihood, this phone would be a serious overkill of a paperweight… Unless…. … Read the rest here



I am one of those people who went around bothering everyone to watch Breaking Bad, like some kind of twisted evangelist. It’s hard to convince people that they would enjoy a show featuring murdering meth distributors.

Even if the main bad guy is the dad from Malcolm in the Middle.

We are currently featuring Walter White and Jesse Pinkman “cooking licenses” in our webstore. It’s one of those decisions I made just so I could pilfer my own stock.… Read the rest here

Silver Pockets Full!


silverpocketsfull It’s so easy to fall for these email forwards if you don’t keep your guard up. When I saw this, the first response was a big grin! Somehow I thought August would be a whole month of 3-day weekends, soft summer evenings, martinis and steaks.

Unfortunately there are only 4 Fridays in August this year, and I don’t get Fridays off anyway. Just as well, the elastic is shot in my summer shorts so “silver pockets full would force a lot of pants-hitching, and no one wants to see that.… Read the rest here

The elusive Family Doghouse



Finally back in stock, the family doghouse plaque, this is EXACTLY like the one grandma had. Thick straight and true plywood. The only things missing are a coating of Pall Mall smoke and random cat hair.

Click here to get yourself a classic red box containing a family doghouse plaque and FIVE dogs!

Apparently we can only get these once a year, ordered a lot more than last year and hoping it will last through Christmas this time.… Read the rest here

I lost the key, you can start it with a nail…


My sister is planning to put an old truck on Craigslist. Our dear departed brother had it for years, but sentimentality and nostalgia only goes so far. I like to think that Buddy would like to see it go to someone who will fix it up. My neighbor restored a Chevelle, and anytime he is anywhere near that thing he has a big grin on his face.

I’m not into that, the whole scenario reminds me of this old C.W. McCall song…

Read the rest here