VW1210 who farted snowglobe This is a great gift for your favorite snowglobe nut. (Take my wife, please; she’s about five cats and a stack of old newspapers short of being on that TV show about hoarders. This from the guy with a case of “Who Farted” snowglobes in his office.)

To be specific, each hilarious snow globe says “who farted?” along the bottom front, and inside sits a kid in a bathtub, wearing a gas mask. Shake the globe to churn up the snow. (duh) Each measures approximately 3.75 inches long x 2.25 inches wide by 3 inches tall. There are the last ones available, as far as I can tell. Then again there might be a warehouse with 50,000 of them stacked to the rafters, somewhere on the gritty side of town.

So get these WHO FARTED SNOWGLOBES on sale, $3.99, while they last! Oh yes, I expect a BIG run on these! … Read the rest here

I hope this is not a real Manheim Steamroller track When I worked at Radio Shack many, many years ago, the manager would insist on playing Manheim Steamroller holiday music, he thought it was a good way to “demonstrate the superior quality of Realistic brand audio products” or some such nonsense.

As soon as he would go somewhere, I would switch to some crappy novelty songs, maybe Weird Al’s “Christmas at Ground Zero”. Just for spite. … Read the rest here

Steak Ho There used to be a Buzz Inn restaurant down by the Arlington airport, but apparently it is now a “Steak Ho“. I was buying gas at the Union 76 there at 5:30 or so on a Tuesday morning, and it looked like they were fixing to open for the day, so maybe they have something there. If there are people going to the Steak Ho for breakfast, it must be good. … Read the rest here

CrochetMessThis is why I don’t buy clothes on the internet. It’s also why we don’t sell clothing products at The Restless Mouse. Our no-hassle return policy would put us in the poorhouse.

This is from the cover of a beginner’s Crochet booklet my MIL had. The guy on here is trying to have a good attitude about it, but he secretly fears that he will have to wear it to work as-is. Seems like it would be easy enough to shorten those sleeves?

Seems like not a good advertisement for starting to crochet. It’s like a new-car brochure with a picture of a steaming wreck on the front. … Read the rest here

I think toll-free lines are going the way of the dodo bird, and party lines. I mean, what’s the point? Don’t most people with internet also have cellphones? Our number is just a cellphone, (425) 343-6750

Kind of disappointed that when the power went out for about an hour this morning, so did my cellphone’s data connection. I had to interact with the other humans in the house. It was horrible! … Read the rest here


Finally back in stock, the family doghouse plaque, this is EXACTLY like the one grandma had. Thick straight and true plywood. The only things missing are a coating of Pall Mall smoke and random cat hair.

Click here to get yourself a classic red box containing a family doghouse plaque and FIVE dogs!

Apparently we can only get these once a year, ordered a lot more than we did last year, hoping it will last through Christmas this time.… Read the rest here

HP5367_Moldy_Sandwich_Ziplock__ These “Moldy” Bags stop workplace theft

Big 7.25″ food-safe heavy duty ziplock-style bags make your sandwich un-appealing to scavenger co-workers with realistic “mold” look. We recommend putting your sandwich and the rest of your lunch in a paper sack before putting it in the fridge, it’s the first thing they will pull out and they will quickly put it back and leave it alone, and no one else will be the wiser. After they see that, your yogurt will be safe too!

ON SALE: You get 20 of these big lunch baggies for one low SALE price of $2.89 – While supplies last.

HOT TIP: You could use a regular thin baggie inside without ruining the illusion, thus saving these for re-use. … Read the rest here


We’ve got the last several dozen of these solar racers at a real bargain price, great for science fair projects, robotics, or just for fun. … Read the rest here

CM1212Politicalfunnymoneyassortment__Sorry to report that the guy who made our (in)famous “Obama Zero” novelty money has retired. The good news is that we still have Obama double and triplezero bills, Bow wow Obama money, Bill Clinton six (sex) dollar bills, all in the convenient 25- bill pad- and all “while supplies last”. Use this link to see all of our Obama products while still in stock.Read the rest here

pocketmarriagelicenseI saw this on Listia today, how clever to turn the concept of marriage licenses on its head. Who says they have to be the size of a full sheet of paper?

This would be a fun item to give to your friends with too many PDA’s, puppy love is never pretty. But they wanted too much for it, it’s just a simple little card. We have a Full size fake marriage license here at the Restless Mouse, it delves into the dark underbelly of marriage, including mothers-in-law and holes in your socks.… Read the rest here