SG0284_TuitExplainedLG We finally got some more of our “Explained” Round Tuits. The ones that just said TUIT on the back were befuddling to some. “What is a tuit?” they would ask themselves. Then vow to google it when they get around to it. HELLO.

yellowrotary Someone on eBaY if offering this awesome yellow rotary phone. I was thinking about biting on this one, it would look really neat on my desk! Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have a line in here. Also, I think I read that the phone companies don’t support rotary phones anymore. And our phone is actually on a fiber optic line, that’s another unknown.

So, in all likelihood, this phone would be a serious overkill of a paperweight… Unless….

BobWirePinWe get offers for all kinds of stuff that lives in the sometimes seedy world of “novelty merchandise”. This one doesn’t even make any sense. What the hell is “Bob Wire”? I clipped it and added a snarky comment, it’s perfect for Pinterest.


We attended the ASD trade show in Las Vegas “just for shits and giggles”… but this isn’t quite what we had in mind… This booth was selling “liquid ass”, stinky stinky stuff in a little bottle.

It seems like just a few years ago that we started this little mom and pop Internet store, but we got to bickering about it, and as usual, Teresa is right. We have been doing this since 1998. We looked it up on the Washington state DOR site.

Business License

All I have to say about that is, I’m glad that I have a good “day job” or we would have starved.

P.S. I smudged the address, we are online-only and our dog might bite you if your ankles aren’t protected.

HP6250StylusMiniwithearjackplugI have taken one of these little cellphone styluses that plugs into the headphone jack, it’s great for someone like me, who never uses that jack at the top of phone (I’m down with the bluetooth now). It’s great for Draw Something, Words with Fiends, or any situation where the screen needs to be touched. It works quite well as far as responsiveness. I would like it better if it was just a little longer, but if Ifs and Buts were candy and nuts, we would ALL have a Merry Christmas.

Since it’s partly my business and some of the inventory is stored in what would otherwise be my manly den, or “Man Cave”, that gives me a five-finger discount. But you can get one pretty darn cheap, just click here to check out our new tablet/cell mini-stylus – Works with Iphones, Ipads, you could poke out an eye with it, also Android phones, tablets, just about anything with a touch screen these days. Quantity discounts for more than one and for larger quantities. Huge assortment of colors. Check it out!

PC_BronxcheerMy name is John- I know a thing or two about Dear John letters. One time my wife wrote me a John Deere letter, and ran off with a tractor salesman.

This guy made a serious tactical error, sending a postcard from boot camp to his girl back home, that says “From me to you if you’re not true- A “Bronx bird song” from the boy friend.” the illustrated version of himself on the card, giving the girlfriend a very aggressive Bronx Cheer, such that his face turns red, and it douses her with spittle. My experience is that the ladies don’t care for even inadvertent spittle, so I imagine that she will find this image and the implied distrust to be very offensive. They shouldn’t even have offered these on base, if that’s where he got it.

I was doing this “Power Pose” exercise, but my wife told me to knock it off and take the trash down to the curb.

How To Increase Your Confidence And Power In 2 Minutes Flat!

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