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Now it’s DELIVERY CONFIRMATION all the way…

We had been in the habit of mailing some small orders with just postage stamps for the sake of convenience, but recently we have had a couple of these untracked shipments go astray.

So, from here on out, all domestic shipments will have USPS tracking numbers.

(International shipments have barcodes but tracking doesn’t seem to be available for 1st class international. But we haven’t had any international customers report not getting their packages.)

… In bed!

FortuneCookieGenericI used to work in a shop where we would order teriyaki once a week, it came with fortune cookies. Now, there was a tradition where if someone had a fortune that they wanted to share with the group, he or she would read the fortune out loud, and everyone would add in unison, “… IN BED!” (more…)

The elusive Family Doghouse

NF7139 Family Doghouse Plaque Set 111 There is a huge shipment of these family shenanigans doghouse sets on some massive freighter out of Hong Kong, so in a few short weeks we should be getting our allotment- good thing too, we just ran out of these. However, we are OK on spare dog sets. Please contact us if you would like to be notified when we have more doghouses.

UPDATE MAY 18th; Called supplier yesterday, they assured me that they ARE restocking, delivery to them is unusually slow this year.

The family doghouse plaque we offer is EXACTLY like the one grandma had. (more…)

Slim Pickings

ArchieBunkerForPresident I am surprised that our Obama parody money still sells well, when he is now the lamest of ducks.

Nevertheless, I guess I will be sporting my Archie Bunker campaign button this November, since I don’t have a button for Pat Paulsen. I remember my dad hated that this joke candidate was able to get into the voter guide. But even then I thought that parody and mockery have a place in political discourse.

This Blog Means BUSINESS

Fifteen_111 In case some of you are thinking we forgot what this was about, here’s a RestlessMouse.com coupon code for 15% off your order of $15 or more, we’re setting it to expire in 15 days, but you might not see the coupon code here for that whole time, so write it down, or better yet, BUY something cool while there’s a deal going on. The coupon code is 3X5 and is Valid only at RestlessMouse.com

Think you have every snowglobe? Think again

VW1210-who-farted-snowglobe111 This is a great gift for your favorite snowglobe nut. (Take my wife, please; she’s about five cats and a stack of old newspapers short of being on that TV show about hoarders. This from the guy with a case of “Who Farted” snowglobes in his office.) (more…)

Let’s talk about your bathroom…

CimmaronThrone111W My family laughs at me because I am always singing the praises of our Kohler Cimmaron upstairs toilet. It truly is a “throne”. We bought it several years ago, and except for the time Teresa knocked a box of bathroom junk from the shelf above into the gaping maw, it has worked flawlessly. (more…)

Grocery list in the corner pocket

Irish 8-ball for St. Patrick's I was racking my brain the other day, and all I could come up with was a question about the phrase “racking my brain”.

Is it from the world of billiards? Am I putting my thoughts in a plastic frame, rolling them around violently, and then sending another thought crashing into them, trying to put them in my pockets? Except for my darkest thought (The 8 ball)?

When I was a boy we had a billiard table in the basement, and my brother in law would stand near it and stare intently at the puzzles on the back of beer bottlecaps. Maybe that had something to do with it.