The birthday game is getting tame

I just turned 54, maybe next year when I go double nickel, we’ll have a little party. I found this handy party game book for up to 20 guests to play, with three fun games inside!
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This is the best thing I have seen this week. Goats playing on sheet metal.

Kids! What’s the matter with kids today?
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DO NOT CALL LIST is about useless, but I found something that helps…

The Toll-free number spammers We had been getting calls on our 1-800 number, wherein the caller never says a word, usually it would go to voicemail, and slightly run up my 1-800 bill from Lingo if I went over my allotment. The 1-800 number routed to our main number, which happens to be my cellphone. […]
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The elusive Family Doghouse

These were in and out of stock for the longest time, and the plywood was kind of flimsy. Imagine our delight when we ordered 6 dozen and they all have thicker plywood, not flimsy at all, straight and true on every one. We are sure that you will be delighted, and almost tempted to blow […]
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Annoying Orange Closeout- Just $2.94

Annoying orange, compared with ordinary pen. We got two dozen of the “Talking Annoying Orange” to try them out, when they arrived we promptly lost two to pilferage, they were much cooler that I thought so I went to stock up, alas my supplier sold his entire supply to some chain store. So, please enjoy […]
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Since 1998

It seeems like just a few years ago that we started this little mom and pop Internet store, but we got to bickering about it, and as usual, Teresa is right. We have been doing this since 1998. We looked it up on the Washington state DOR site. All I have to say about that […]
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Is it safe to go in?

We were fixing to go in the hardware store, but then I saw this in the parking lot; is there a zombie incident at the Home Depot? Or is he just picking up supplies? We took our chances. I did see a lot of glassy-eyed people shuffling around, but they didn’t seem interested in my […]
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Teresa is so artsy-fartsy

Teresa found a little tiny suitcase at the Goodwill and put felt and magic fairy dust or whatever in it, rolled it somehow, and turned it into a case for her rings. I think it’s kind of neat.
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Doris is watching you

Went to look up a pesky spammer on, and everyone says it was a home security telemarketer, except this lady; “Our evil psycho neighbor, Doris W. of Omaha, NE has been calling us and harassing us for 3 years by using all kind of phone numbers on her cell phone & then hung up […]
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A Voyage to Paradise

Today we salute Phil Cammarata. His thing was to assemble some old photographs, and then write a story that the photographs would sort of illustrate, in a humorous way. Or maybe he did it the other way around. I got one of his books, “A Voyage to Paradise”, from Bookmooch. This photo was preceded by […]
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