I stand accused.

By in Random Thoughts on June 8, 2011

I was playing a game like Scrabble (EXACTLY like Scrabble) on my cellphone, with a random opponent, about 6 moves in I got lucky and used all tiles for a 50 point bonus.

The SOB* accused me of cheating, and resigned the game! The online equivalent of throwing the board in the air and running out of the room crying.

The word was, ironically enough, “adroiter”. Was I cheating, or was I in fact, merely adroiter? Truth is, I already had the word “adroit”, but had looked at an online scrabble source before finding the E spot with room to make the longer word. Is that cheating? I always though that any resource was fair, if you only use words you already know, you wouldn’t learn anything.

Maybe I should check with my regular opponents and ask to set some ground rules? It’s not like I am taking vocabulary-enhancing drugs. That would be indecorous.

*Uh, Scrabbling Orwellian Busybody?

2 thoughts on “I stand accused.

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    Using scrabblecheat while playing WORDS on your smartphone IS considered cheating. Legally, you are not allowed to consult a dictionary while playing scrabble. However, adequate retribution IS NOT throwing the board across the room.

    I believe you are in the right to use your cheat. The person who quit the game is a quitter.

  2. 2

    I told my wife, “I thought any resource was fair”, and she said, “You’re thinking of crossword puzzles”. Maybe I was. But I still think the opponent was presuming too much.

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