Get a novelty manufactured!

I have noticed some people come to our site via some variation of “get a novelty manufactured”. They want to see Uncle Marvin’s idea for an auto-wobbling chair become reality.

Look, We are not manufacturers, just a rusty little link in the gag gift and novelty item supply chain. However, here is a tip for those searchers;

Years ago, you had to traipse to a big-city library, and spend hours flipping through a set of enormous green catalogs, each full of manufacturers of all things; it was actually kind of fun. Of course nowadays, those Thomas directories are online and easy to search.

Enjoy! If you get a novelty item made that would be a good fit here, please email us, we are always looking for new oddities to peddle.

We used to have a supplier that made “F-U forks”, just dining forks bent to an “F-U” configuration and mounted on a card with a clever saying. We sold dozens of those things, sadly his wife put a stop to it.

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