I broke spam lady’s heart!

By in Back in my day on June 25, 2011

Apparently the spam machine came up with a scenario in which I cheated on and broke the heart of one Teresa Stout. It was probably because she would not take the garbage out. No wait, that was Cynthia.

Nevermind the fact that I have been happily married since early in the Reagan administration to a different Teresa. BTW I am sure that this Teresa Stout bears no resemblance to any person living or dead, etc. etc.

The letter bears the odd, hai-ku like cadence that is common to a certain type of SPAM email.

LOL, I hope this helps if some other poor schmuck is getting the third degree about WHO THE HELL IS TERESA STOUT – Hope one of them googles it and finds out that it is just meaningless spam!

I dont know How to start this letter but I believe you know exactly why I am writing You today.I am writing You this letter with tears all Over My eyes

and In my heart I know that we have come to the end of this relationship and I will never haver anything to do with you again,,I keep remembering

those time you promised me love those time you said You will never hurt me,I felt so safe because all the promises you made to me and today

those promises happen to be a mare promises.I gave You My heart it was You that I keep thinking of all Day and all Night You robbed my heart…

Imagine that I caught you sleeping with my best friend right in Your Bed.I want You to know that no woman shall ever give to You the kind of love I

offered You in a platter of Gold.I shall move on with my life.after so many years of being together this is how to decided to pay be back

(cheating,heartbreak) GOD WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU

I will never give up in this,I know i will one day find that Man who is ready to take me now that I lost you,a man who is caring,loving and sincere and

Not cheat like you someone who shall be my love and husband and shall always cherish me until death do us part.I was introduced to one of this

online dating site maybe I will try It I don’t care if the Man I will find there is single or divorced all That matters to me If he has a Good heart to

Love because One on one settings is full of cheat like You.I hope this letter gets to You..

Teresa stout

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    Heheh. I was looking for the words to Shel Silverstein’s poem and found your missive. I sure hope your wife never sees that! All I get is Russian girls looking for men and pen!s enhancers! Spam like yours is rare.

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