Spotted this contraption when searching for the Geocache “Water Power” ( N 47° 37.874 W 120° 43.677 ) along US 2 near The Alps gift shop West of Leavenworth.

Daphne wanted to know what it was but I couldn’t say. Maybe they used to have a zip line across the river there and this was part of that?

This is the movie poster I got at the swap meet that had the Morel print behind it. We bought it because the quote in the poster is something Teresa says to me all the time, maybe not in so many words; You’re cruel Johnny… You’re almost 100% bad!… But whatever you are darling, you’re my man!”

I was at the swap meet today, and bought an old small movie poster in a frame- but I was fiddling around with it and discovered an old French scene by Morel hidden behind the poster… Here is a partial view, it’s too big for my scanner. Unfortunately there is a 2″ rip at the top. Otherwise it is in great shape. What a shame.

It’s an interesting scene, but perhaps a forgery; this lady appears to be using an ATM. Her body language suggests that she is thinking, ” 75 Franc service charge! Sacre Bleu!”

This trivia book says that President Lincoln was carrying Confederate money when he was assassinated. I wonder what he was planning to do with that, there was no ebay yet.

When I was kid, I liked this show so much, that when I forgot to watch it one evening (Because I was outside riding my bike) I lied in the Nielson ratings book we happened to be filling out that week. For a long time, I was worried that some sort of survey police would find out.

The whole “Wait till your Father gets home” concept, I did not get. My mom figured dad was too tired to deal with our crap, for the most part.

I don’t think I would rent an apartment to these guys.

I wish I had thought of this! A punch to make guitar picks out of old credit cards, rewards cards, I suppose any hard plastic! Then write a smug little song about recycling!