It says here that Arch West, the instigator of the snack food-like substance known as “Doritos”, has passed away. They actually plan to sprinkle Doritos into his open grave, which seems like a cheesy thing to do. I hope this doesn’t catch on, I don’t want to be buried on a bed of Whoopee Cushions.

I actually like Doritos, esp. Cool Ranch, but some people cannot tolerate their peculiar odor. I was snacking on some on a road trip with my brother, and he made me put them in the bed of the truck, where they called to me for the rest of the afternoon.

Look cat, I get it that you heard there was a mouse up on my desk. And I know

that in a previous life, you were a famous author. But please stay off my

keyboard, it makpiga

Cat on keyboard, not keyboard cat