It says here that Arch West, the instigator of the snack food-like substance known as “Doritos”, has passed away. They actually plan to sprinkle Doritos into his open grave, which seems like a cheesy thing to do. I hope this doesn’t catch on, I don’t want to be buried on a bed of Whoopee Cushions.

I actually like Doritos, esp. Cool Ranch, but some people cannot tolerate their peculiar odor. I was snacking on some on a road trip with my brother, and he made me put them in the bed of the truck, where they called to me for the rest of the afternoon.

You would think replacing the battery in my logitech laptop mouse would be a simple matter. Unfortunately, I forget how it opens between battery changes. The Dell mouse on my desktop computer simply pops open, but the Logitech mouse has a release button with a tiny lock logo on it. Maybe the next model should have a bigger, yellow button, that says HOOD RELEASE on it.



Look cat, I get it that you heard there was a mouse up on my desk. And I know

that in a previous life, you were a famous author. But please stay off my

keyboard, it makpiga

Cat on keyboard, not keyboard cat