The CrazyLace conundrum

Crazylace Agate Slab. Now What?

By in File this idea on October 10, 2011

I wound up at the Marysville Rock & Gem Club annual show at the Jr. High School yesterday, and acquired a slab of Crazylace Agate, with the intention to put feet on it and use it as an impractical and ill-advised drink coaster. I didn’t know about the particular properties of agate, and I thought crazylace was some sort of wacky shoestring.


Anyway, turns out crazylace agate has translucent areas running through it. So I got to thinking (This is where the trouble started) – I wonder if it would be practical to cut it to a rectangle, and build it into a little light box, so it could be an accent light as well as a coaster. Maybe add a napkin holder on the side, and put a clock in it? This is what is known in the military as “mission creep”. What do you cut it with if you don’t have a lapidary saw?

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