Throwing out game scores that hurt my feelings!

By in Random Thoughts on October 15, 2011

I just don't count dumb luck when scoring I have been playing Wordfeud with my sister on my Android phone. She likes to use the “Random” board. Recently, she hit a streak of grouped bonus tiles that tilted the game hundreds of points in her favor early on; normally final scores have been running in the 400’s.

I have been noting the final scores on a spreadsheet, but threw out that game as a statistical anomaly.

The rule I made up for that, was that any score where the loser scores less than half of the difference between the two scores should be attributed to luck, if played on a random board where triples and doubles sometimes huddle together, and the first player hits a huge group with a good rack right off. ( I don’t sound bitter do I?) I have never taken a statistics class, is this an acceptable practice?

It’s a virtual board, so I can’t resort to throwing it up in the air and running out of the room crying.

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