super8camera Since seeing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in it’s initial theatrical release, so many years ago, I refuse to leave the theater until the screen goes blank for at least two minutes, or the lights go up. This is very annoying to my wife, if she had her way, we would probably have to leave five minutes BEFORE the credits, to “beat the traffic”, a strange concept indeed.

Many movies reward me for my patience; in the 2001 film Ghost World There’s a bit after the credits where Steve Buscemi’s character gets to defeat the clerk in the convenience store altercation. Obviously filmed for a gag, not an alternate scene; but you can tell Buscemi enjoyed it.

Last summer’s Super 8 showed the Super 8 movie the kids in the film were working on, but not until after the lengthy credits. Yet many people left during the credits and missed it entirely. They also wasted most of their popcorn.

What are your favorite post-credit scenes?

Toastmaster Toaster for Christmas

I never know what to get Teresa for Christmas unless it’s “on the list”. She often asks for kitchen stuff, but she doesn’t mean it. Even in this old toastmaster ad, they had to stuff the toaster with some high-end baubles from Ben Bridge to get the reaction they were looking for.

It’s all very mystifying to me, we were at the mall but I didn’t see anything good there. They did have remote control Army tanks that fire “airsoft pellets”, I was thinking I could get a regular green one, and get her one and paint it pink…