[skhighlight color=”pink”] It only happens once every four years! [/skhighlight]

I was just looking at this handy stat chart that Geocaching.com provides, showing what days of the month that we found geocaches. I see that over the years we avoid it in the winter; mainly because these things tend to get pretty soggy this time of year.

Looks like we will have a rare opportunity to fill in the Feb. 29 box this Wednesday.

Geo cache bingo, get your purse Edna

Now if I can figure out what to do with the little action figures, tokens, and whatnot that we have collected as “swag” per the tradition. Thinking of gluing them all to a panel and affixing it to my office wall. That would be weird but sort of cool.

I am surprised to have survived the whole Valentine’s Day thing this year.

What happened was, I procrastinated as usual. Went to Safeway after work, and there was another pathetic schlub already frowning at the few remaining cards. Having already gotten Teresa jewelry, I just grabbed some generic heart-shaped box of candy, and selected what I thought was a cute card, which featured Pepe Le Pew, the incurably romantic, possibly French skunk, who falls in love with a cat who somehow manages to get white paint down her back. I was never sure whether he thought she was a skunk, or just had a thing for this cat.

But I digress. Got to the checkstand, and happened to mention there was “Slim Pickings” in the card department. She looks at my card, looks at me, and deadpans; “There weren’t very many cards to choose from, so you got her this one. With a skunk on it.”

My initial reaction was to expound upon the romantic virtues of Pepe Le Pew, but this clerk is of a younger generation, and she was unconvinced.

At least I didn’t get her this box of chocolates with a whale on it; It seems somehow inappropriate. poorly conceived Valentine's chocolate packaging

Two Bits booth version one We rented a space at the Two Bits and More indoor swap meet in Arlington, Washington… It’s right across the street from city hall! I like that.

Haven’t quite got the hang of figuring out how to display things, but I totally rebuilt that rolling cart in the back there… Strutted around Mr. Furley style for a couple days after that accomplishment. As you see, we started out by putting our “Let’s have a garage sale” stuff out there first, gradually infiltrating it with web-store inventory. Have a look, we’re #27 down there, and there’s lots of other fun stuff from the other characters that display their wares at the two bits, it’s great fun and really nice folks there.

This is “version one”, I have some ideas to maximize our tiny 5X6 space.

I came up with a great idea for keeping track of postage purchases- Teresa refills our Stamps.com account $100 at a time, as often as twice a week… This is confusing for me, as there is a delay in the purchase going through in our Paypal account that it’s drawn from…

So I sprang up in bed with the great idea to have her embed the date in the amount of postage… For instance, if she buys it on February 9th, buy $102.09 instead of an even hundred.

I am sure people have been using a thing like this to embed dates in prices since the dawn of commerce. But I am taking credit for it anyway.