Old street bread box I didn’t know they used to deliver bread to boxes outside your building- I always thought a bread box was the wooden roll-up thing on my mom’s kitchen counter. This outside box is probably four times as large. So my question is, what size box is the one people want to know if things are bigger than?

P.S. See Shorpy.com for lots of huge old images, mostly from ancient government repositories.

Our most recent shipment to Australia via First Class Mail International, took just 10 days. Not bad!

This is what everything sounds like to me. Now do you understand why my sanity is frayed?

Congrats to Dick Van Dyke on his recent marriage, at age 86 you have to admire that. I loved the Dick Van Dyke show. It holds up well after all these years- I recently watched a “Welcome Back Kotter” rerun and I can’t believe I used to watch that every week instead of smoking in the alley with my friends.

That being said, I also kind of liked the pilot for what became the Dick Van Dyke show, Carl Reiner was funny, and Barbara Britton could have been Mrs. Petrie if we didn’t all have MTM permanently entrenched in that role. It could have become a hit with a little tweaking; See for yourself.

Whimsical Foot CD DVD holder

Whimsical CD rack

On rare and wonderful occasions, I hop out of bed with an exciting new invention running through my head. Most of those cannot survive the cold light of day, or my wife’s eye-rolling.

Today, it is “Mirthotics”. Shoe inserts that tickle your feet and keep you in a good mood all day. It will probably go in the scrap heap with “Roca-Cola” (Coke flavored with Almond Roca) and GPS-equipped suspenders. It was fun while it lasted.

In my defense, someone managed to produce these foot-shaped CD/DVD holders in various colors.