We went to Portland yesterday and met up with Mary from the Monkey Business Joke Shop of Lincoln City, we bought out her merchandise. She also found a bunch more crap from her joke shop in addition to the stuff on the list, we have been having fun going through it all. So there will be lots more stuff appearing at ThatRestlessMouse.com, and in our Mystery Grab Bags, at our retail site in The 2 Bits and More Store across from the city hall in Arlington, Wa. and probably on eBaY too.

I also discovered a new traveler’s trick, instead of using roadside rest stops, stop at a Red Lion or other big hotel with a banquet entrance. The bathrooms are much nicer.

Stopped at one yesterday, There was some sort of a Big Important Meeting going on in the banquet hall, and they commenced voting on something, all in favor said Yea but not a peep for the Nay side. I guess it was unanimous. I was tempted to vote nay on general principle but I didn’t want them all to look at me and see I didn’t have a badge. I didn’t even know what was going on there. Since when does that stop me?

New webvertisement from Non-Juan the “UnOfficial Spokesman” – We got via Fiverr… He nailed it!

Nose Whistle ConcertoI had a bit of a hard time sleeping last night… Had the radio on classical music to try to soothe the mental torment, but something about that violin concerto wasn’t quite right. It took probably 20 minutes of careful listening, occasionally holding my breath, being very still, to determine that the discordant note was caused by the wife, she had one of those “nose whistle” things going on. I think I was chiming in with a wheezing in C flat.

Speaking of orifices that whistle, That Restless Mouse is one of the few places you can get the classic Whistling Tailpipe Gag. I am tempted to use it on my neighbor’s diesel truck, because the devil finds accessories for idle trucks.

TEF_BirdBarf So I opened my email this morning, and the very first one;

Should You Pre-Chew Your Child’s Food?

Apparently Alicia Silverstone has decided that the big mixers at Gerber aren’t good enough for her baby, so she chews the food herself, and spits it in the baby’s mouth. Like a mother bird. I kid you not. Is this even legal?

The article states that “Chewing your kid’s food is definitely cheaper than buying baby food, and it’s more time-efficient than making it in a blender or food processor.” Is Alicia Silverstone that broke and busy? I’m all for saving money, but I would go with the “Penny Smart” baby food instead.

Here’s what really worries me; I am fine with ladies who breastfeed in public, but what if this catches on and they start taking their babies to restaurants and doing this? At least it would keep them from yammering on their cellphones.

Here’s the article; the great Pre-chew debate

What is the word? Grease? Or is The Bird the word?

This has been a point of contention between the wife and I for going on thirty years. We met in 1978, she seems to think that Grease gets points for being a touchstone in our relationship. I can see both sides of the argument, but I lean toward The Bird being the word, just because it has been with me since I got my first radio.

We got into this at my warehouse job last night. Since our warehouse supplies parts for airplanes, maybe The Bird should be the word. But then again, could we build those birds without grease?

Here is where we are at so far;

The Bird: PROS – Predates Grease – Everybody has heard about the bird – Becomes the word by sheer repetition; “The bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word” – Having The Bird as the word supports the aerospace industry.

CONS – Technically “The Bird” is a phrase

Grease: – It’s got groove, it’s got feeling. – Cannot build birds without grease – Has a Broadway Musical, A hit movie, hit songs, and Didi Conn associated with it.

Someone at work suggested that they could both be “the word”. No, they cannot. One must prevail. Please comment below to weigh in on this controversial hot button of a topic.

Here at the Restless Mouse, “What you see is what you get” – In other words, we strive to describe merchandise accurately and give you a good idea of what you are getting- We are not given to too much hyperbole. If anything, we use hypobole instead. Anyway, our customer satisfaction strategies seem to be working; lots of return customers! I hope you will join our legions of satisfied customers! (OK, maybe “legions” is a little over the top)

There is a guy that sits at a computer opposite me at work, at lunchtime he goes to various websites and finds things that seem to amuse him, so he chuckles.

My question is this, is the chuckling supposed to be an invitation to ask what is so funny? I would have to get up and walk around some other desks to look at it. Maybe I need to bring my noise-cancelling headphones to work?

Marvin has a lot of nerve

Marvin has a lot of nerve to say anything about the dog’s smells.