Is the Bird the Word? Or is Grease the word?

By in Incoherent on April 17, 2012

What is the word? Grease? Or is The Bird the word?

This has been a point of contention between the wife and I for going on thirty years. We met in 1978, she seems to think that Grease gets points for being a touchstone in our relationship. I can see both sides of the argument, but I lean toward The Bird being the word, just because it has been with me since I got my first radio.

We got into this at my warehouse job last night. Since our warehouse supplies parts for airplanes, maybe The Bird should be the word. But then again, could we build those birds without grease?

Here is where we are at so far;

The Bird:
– Predates Grease
– Everybody has heard about the bird
– Becomes the word by sheer repetition; “The bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word”
– Having The Bird as the word supports the aerospace industry.

– Technically “The Bird” is a phrase

– It’s got groove, it’s got feeling.
– Cannot build birds without grease
– Has a Broadway Musical, A hit movie, hit songs, and Didi Conn associated with it.

Someone at work suggested that they could both be “the word”. No, they cannot. One must prevail. Please comment below to weigh in on this controversial hot button of a topic.

3 thoughts on “Is the Bird the Word? Or is Grease the word?

  1. Sally Newton

    Grease is the word. My partner says otherwise, but he is wrong.

    • 2

      We have the same stalemate on this at our house. And don’t get me started on Mr. Furley vs. The Ropers.

  2. 3

    Does the bird not have groove? Does the bird not have feeling? I say yea, indeed it does!

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