Ziggy’s artificial hip was installed backwards

May 26th, 2012 No Comments

What is the deal with Ziggy

I have questions about our old pal Ziggy. How is he able to stand with his heel exposed like that? Because when we are walking the dog and need to check for dog doo, that would be really handy.

Maybe something is weird with his hip joint? Is this why he doesn’t like to wear pants? Or did he have to sell them to buy groceries?

I am not knocking Ziggy. I got a tagline from a Ziggy strip maybe 30 years ago, when we are driving around looking at Christmas displays, and we see a Nativity scene, the first one to yell “What’s E.T. doing in the Nativity scene!!” wins.

(Ziggy displayed for purposes of critique/parody; Please don’t sue me, big eastern comic-strip syndicate!)

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