Salty dog means whaaat?

July 5th, 2012 No Comments

We were just settin’ around jawing a spell, and I got on the Google, found this video from the old Andy Griffith & Mayberry RFD series. I always liked the girl with this little jug band that would come around, here she is at the house but I saw another where she is doing “Salty Dog” at Goober’s Garage, or some such industrial environment. It seemed a bit racier in that environment.

So we were wondering what her being a “salty dog” would entail. Does she want to swear a lot? Will she prepare Oscar Meyer products with high sodium content? I Googled it. Now I can’t un-know what I learned, but if you don’t know, please don’t Google it. I lost a little of my innocence tonight.

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The line is still busy!

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A lady’s hat is blocking half the screen

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He had her keys the whole time. Creeper
She probably can’t find her cellphone either.

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How do I get google on this contraption?
Take it back to Beast Buy for a refund.

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Shouldn’t everybody look at cat videos instead of working?
Shouldn’t everybody look at cat videos instead of working?

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