A man, or a mouse?

August 5th, 2012 No Comments

Restless Mouse Mouseman on a log.

Sitting around doodling on junk mail. We’ve been trying to refine the idea of our Mr. RestlessMouse Mouseman logo. Is he a man, or a mouse? Obviously, both a man and a computer mouse. But should he become more human-like by growing limbs? Or more like the other kind of mouse, by adding whiskers? I guess that would just muddy the waters.

If he does have legs, I like giving him shoes, untied. It makes him more into someone I can relate to.

Should I get rid of, or shorten, his vestigal cord? Or hook it to a distant computer?

Actually, the main reason this came up, I bought a box of colored gel pens at Staples today.

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