A mint of your own!

Just got this email;

I came upon your website whilst trying to find more info about Lakeside Products. I remember buying stuff from them when I was younger…and selling it at school. What memories. Anyway! Do you guys have any old Spare Time, Money Making Opportunities, Salesman’s Opportunities, etc. magazines you’d like to get rid of? I’d really like to buy some of these if you have any or know of someone who may have these lying about gathering dust. Thanks for your time, hope to have your reply soon!

… Can anyone help this guy out? I know exactly the magazines he is talking about, I used to buy them and in fact sold Lakeside Products ( They had all kinds of cool things you just can’t get anymore, like the “Coffin Bank” and some that we carry to this day (The infamous tip and strip pen, for example)

I would like to peruse these old magazines too. And, I have been searching for years, an “Olympic Sales Club” or “American Seed Company” sales kit, I made a KILLING selling Christmas cards, seeds, and whatever else I could lay my hands on, door to door, when I was about 10 until 12. Sadly, I have lost my mojo since then.

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