Having two people with insomnia* makes it worse. Last night, about 2:30, my wife pulls out her favorite Austin Powers quote, saying, “I’ve got a whole bag of “Shhh” with your name on it!”

I can’t leave it alone; “Well, I have the carton from the “Shhh” company, with one bag missing.”

So she goes the easy route; “I have the truckload of “Shhh” with one carton missing.”

“Well, I run** the factory that makes “Shhh” and we are going to file a police report on the truck.”

“I own the company that owns the factory, and you’re fired.”

I am getting sort of ticked off now. “Yeah, well your “Shhh” must not be any good, because I’m still talking!”…. …. “And some of the workers are going to sue for reverse hearing damage!”

But she was already asleep. *Gilligan; “… And not only that; I can’t sleep!” ** I made a fatal error here.

I have never understood the whole "Frosty" thing. When I was a kid, I could accept the other Rankin-Bass concepts, the island of misfit toys, Burgermeister Meisterburger just made me hungry. But Frosty, well when I was a kid, if I put a hat on a snowman, and it came to life, I would have wet my pants and ran home leaving a yellow trail of terror. And even today, if I was that cop, let's just say they would have had to put me on administrative leave. Frosty's Revenge