I WISH tape recorders were only seven bucks.

I WISH tape recorders were only seven bucks.

I always had to have a reel-to-reel tape recorder to monkey with, when I was a kid. These became a little scarce with the advent of cassette tapes, but you could still get the little reels of tape for them at Radio Shack. They were much preferable to cassettes, because you could slow them down with your finger, or otherwise tweak them.

I was fascinated by all the little rollers and plastic gears. Electronics just don’t have that smell of industrial lubricant and extruded plastic these days, and I kind of miss it. When my son was little I took apart the VCR we had because an Army Man was keeping the tape carriage from moving, but it just wasn’t the same. Maybe they use different lubricant these days.

Sleeping Mask for Manly Men

I just realized that sometimes my sleep mask looks like a bra.

Since I work a graveyard shift, I wear a sleep mask to block out the light, and to absorb some of the sweat from the night terrors. It’s not optional; I can’t sleep without it. Teresa won’t let me tinfoil the window; even though it faces the back yard. I don’t care if the squirrels think I’m running a meth lab up here*.

Unfortunately, the strap has begun to chafe my ear. I was stewing about this, and started to think of ways to keep the strap off my ear, yet retaining comfort. It came to me in a flash of insight; TAMPONS. Attach one to the inside of the strap on either side of my ear. I assume they come in various sizes.

Is there a less emasculating alternative? Maybe I can make little camo covers for them, Or just say, “They’re not tampons! They’re Cranium Support Cylinders!”

* Just as long as they don’t think I’m a nut. Ha!