Bejeweled is the new Parcheesi

By in Reviews & Opinions on April 1, 2013

Bejeweled, a new addition to game night.

Bejeweled, a new addition to game night.

So we got the new “Bejeweled” board game, based on the computer and cellphone game we all know and love. We needed something new for board game night, after the harrowing “Monopoly” incident where a giant cat wiped out an entire row of new hotels and houses.

The game instructions are simple, unfortunately I relied on someone else to read them aloud, misunderstood the rules, and was “playing it wrong” for a few turns. I had to give back several of my “coins” to compensate for my ill-gotten gains, which ultimately cost me the game.

The game is well built, the sliding jewels are large and colorful. They look like leftover props from “Land of the Lost”. The only drawback would be the tiny “coins”, which remind me of bingo markers from a struggling inner-city church. They could have made large, thick tokens, and really wowed the customer, without driving the cost up too much; imprinting them with ads for gaming products from “Hasbro”, “Electronic Arts”, “Popcap” and whatever other outfit they are in cahoots with.

The game did come with a product key to get a full PC version of “Bejeweled 3”, I downloaded it and soon had unlocked the “Bejeweled Poker” game, which I am completely addicted to already. That alone is worth a good chunk of the purchase price, I paid $19.99 at Amazon.

One thing about Amazon, sometimes if you look at something but don’t buy it, they will send you an ad with a cheaper price in a few days. I don’t know if that would work on this new and presumably popular board game, just thought I should mention it.

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