The Cammarata Girl

A Voyage to Paradise

By headcheese, January 23, 2014

Today we salute Phil Cammarata. His thing was to assemble some old photographs, and then write a story that the photographs would sort of illustrate, in a humorous way. Or maybe he did it the other way around.

I got one of his books, “A Voyage to Paradise”, from Bookmooch.
This photo was preceded by the setup; “But – I was on the lookout for the dame that traveled alone. Her name was Tanya…..”

Personally, I think she looks more like Edna, or Eunice. What is her long jacket made from? Sealskin? The look on her face tells me that her undergarments might be made from the same material.

My next task is to acquire other Cammarata captioned-picture books, including “Did anyone bring an Opener?, “Political Zoo” and “Catnips”. I suspect “Catnips” might feel like a pre-digital “LOL Cats”, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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