A better phone call experience?

By in Back in my day, Notes from Al Over on June 12, 2015

Someone on eBaY if offering this awesome yellow rotary phone. I was thinking about biting on this one, it would look really neat on my desk! Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have a line in here. Also, I think I read that the phone companies don’t support rotary phones anymore. And our phone is actually on a fiber optic line, that’s another unknown.

So, in all likelihood, this phone would be a serious overkill of a paperweight… Unless….

What if I managed to figure out which wires do what, and hook it up to a tape recorder (Or a computer programmed to act like one) – Have some favorite quotes play randomly when I pick up the handset? Maybe get some friends & family to record their favorite jokes or something? I am going to go and google “old telephone hacks” because there is nothing new under the sun.

PS My wife thinks I am nuts. This always motivates me to take an idea a step further, just to annoy her.

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