Salty dog means whaaat?

NC3942_BarneyFifeLicense_M111C We were just settin’ around jawing a spell, and I got on the Google, found a video from the old Andy Griffith & Mayberry RFD series. I always liked the girl with this little jug band that would come around, there is one where she is doing “Salty Dog” at Goober’s Garage, or some such industrial environment. It seemed a bit racier in that environment.

So we were wondering what her being a “salty dog” would entail. Does she want to swear a lot? Will she prepare Oscar Meyer products with high sodium content? I Googled it. Now I can’t un-know what I learned, but if you don’t know, please don’t Google it. I lost a little of my innocence tonight.

For the Mayberry-obsessed, here’s a great deal on Barney Fife’s driver’s license.

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