Crunchy Nut Man Crunchy Nut Man– Kellogg’s has just created a new purported superhero. I’m a little skeptical. What exactly are his superpowers? Does it have something to do with that spoon on his forehead? What is his kryptonite? Who is his nemesis, maybe Ham and Eggs Man? Toast Girl?

I could scan it with my cellphone, but I suspect that I will be as disappointed as Ralphie with his secret decoder ring.

The cereal is delicious, and doesn’t hurt the roof of my mouth like the product endorsed by the other crunch-based cereal mascot, who shall remain nameless… because he does not exist in the Kellogg’s superhero universe.

I have never understood the whole "Frosty" thing. When I was a kid, I could accept the other Rankin-Bass concepts, the island of misfit toys, Burgermeister Meisterburger just made me hungry. But Frosty, well when I was a kid, if I put a hat on a snowman, and it came to life, I would have wet my pants and ran home leaving a yellow trail of terror. And even today, if I was that cop, let's just say they would have had to put me on administrative leave. Frosty's Revenge

Old postcard for customer service

Here’s the gist of a postcard from my personal collection, A guy is demanding a refund for deodorant because his girlfriend still insists that he smells bad. It must have been the 1930’s version of the Clinique counter, because there is a clerk staffing the counter where underarm deodorant is advertised.

Now, our customer service policy would dictate that this man could return the product for a full refund, despite the fact that deodorant cannot counteract the effects of not bathing or brushing your teeth, and it says right on the bottle, that all guarantees are null and void if you are a professional polecat wrestler.

The postcard is from the Tichnor Brothers- Here’s a site I found showing more of the Tichnor Comic Art cards.

What is the deal with Ziggy

I have questions about our old pal Ziggy. How is he able to stand with his heel exposed like that? Because when we are walking the dog and need to check for dog doo, that would be really handy.

Maybe something is weird with his hip joint? Is this why he doesn’t like to wear pants? Or did he have to sell them to buy groceries?

I am not knocking Ziggy. I got a tagline from a Ziggy strip maybe 30 years ago, when we are driving around looking at Christmas displays, and we see a Nativity scene, the first one to yell “What’s E.T. doing in the Nativity scene!!” wins. (Ziggy displayed for purposes of critique/parody; Please don’t sue me, big eastern comic-strip syndicate!)

Marvin has a lot of nerve

Marvin has a lot of nerve to say anything about the dog’s smells.

Panel Comic from 1946 no longer makes sense

This panel comic from the summer of 1946 makes no sense to me. What is going on here? The lad on the porch is floating in mid-air like something out of The Exorcist, along with his hell hound, and his mother is dismayed because it’s the third time this summer she has to call a priest. Doesn’t seem to be suitable for a family newspaper, but what do I know.