Family Snapshots

The corn saga

So I have a lot of points on the trading site, and I was randomly browsing… I meant to just comment on this one but I fumbled around and bid on it…

How awkwardly can you eat corn?

Mystery Corn Eater

… So my question was, “Well, just how awkwardly can someone eat corn? I got the picture back because I “won” the auction, I won’t post it but apparently the answer is; VERY awkwardly. For the record, here is the proper way to eat corn on the cob; you can’t tell by this still picture, but I am eating at a normal pace, not running it across my teeth like a fast typewriter, with a bell at the end of each row. Just for the record.

Corn on the cob fresh off the truck! You are what you eat; I eat corn.

The dead place.

My neighbor on the right came over to the house on my left and used some Agent Orange type stuff to kill the stickers. He also gave an unhealthy dose of it to my lawn, supposedly overspray?? So now we have an unsightly patch. I am thinking about putting a bush there, but what? It […]