HP6250StylusMiniwithearjackplugI have taken one of these little cellphone styluses that plugs into the headphone jack, it’s great for someone like me, who never uses that jack at the top of phone (I’m down with the bluetooth now). It’s great for Draw Something, Words with Fiends, or any situation where the screen needs to be touched. It works quite well as far as responsiveness. I would like it better if it was just a little longer, but if Ifs and Buts were candy and nuts, we would ALL have a Merry Christmas.

Since it’s partly my business and some of the inventory is stored in what would otherwise be my manly den, or “Man Cave”, that gives me a five-finger discount. But you can get one pretty darn cheap, just click here to check out our new tablet/cell mini-stylus – Works with Iphones, Ipads, you could poke out an eye with it, also Android phones, tablets, just about anything with a touch screen these days. Quantity discounts for more than one and for larger quantities. Huge assortment of colors. Check it out!

Lime Alarm Clock will make you want to get out of bed just to throw a towel over it.

Lime Alarm Clock will make you want to get out of bed just to throw a towel over it.

I just “pinned” this crazy green alarm clock from Collector’s Weekly… So much funky stuff out there, no wonder people hoard. I noticed there is a Purple Store up on Highway 99 AKA Aurora in North Seattle. They just sell purple stuff. I kid you not. If it had been an Orange Store or a Lime Green Store, I might have stopped in.

It makes one wonder how many people collect items of a certain color. What childhood trauma would cause this?

I came up with a great idea for keeping track of postage purchases- Teresa refills our Stamps.com account $100 at a time, as often as twice a week… This is confusing for me, as there is a delay in the purchase going through in our Paypal account that it’s drawn from…

So I sprang up in bed with the great idea to have her embed the date in the amount of postage… For instance, if she buys it on February 9th, buy $102.09 instead of an even hundred.

I am sure people have been using a thing like this to embed dates in prices since the dawn of commerce. But I am taking credit for it anyway.

I wound up at the Marysville Rock & Gem Club annual show at the Jr. High School yesterday, and acquired a slab of Crazylace Agate, with the intention to put feet on it and use it as an impractical and ill-advised drink coaster. I didn’t know about the particular properties of agate, and I thought crazylace was some sort of wacky shoestring.


Anyway, turns out crazylace agate has translucent areas running through it. So I got to thinking (This is where the trouble started) – I wonder if it would be practical to cut it to a rectangle, and build it into a little light box, so it could be an accent light as well as a coaster. Maybe add a napkin holder on the side, and put a clock in it? This is what is known in the military as “mission creep”. What do you cut it with if you don’t have a lapidary saw?