BobWirePinWe get offers for all kinds of stuff that lives in the sometimes seedy world of “novelty merchandise”. This one doesn’t even make any sense. What the hell is “Bob Wire”? I clipped it and added a snarky comment, it’s perfect for Pinterest.

You would think replacing the battery in my logitech laptop mouse would be a simple matter. Unfortunately, I forget how it opens between battery changes. The Dell mouse on my desktop computer simply pops open, but the Logitech mouse has a release button with a tiny lock logo on it. Maybe the next model should have a bigger, yellow button, that says HOOD RELEASE on it.



Special K can kiss my fat butt

The back of the Special K box wants you to write what you gain by losing (weight) on the back of the cereal box, take a picture of yourself holding the box, and upload it to their website. Bite me, Special K. You aren’t as healthy as you think you are. Furthermore, I don’t appreciate having the word “spunk” on my cereal box.