Last week was “Pat Cashman” week. It all started when I mentioned that someone at work didn’t need to “Go all Brad Beagleman about it”. Then I was forced to explain that to “”Go all Brad Beagleman” meant to care too much, from an old bit Pat Cashman did about a car dealer who would yell about the unethical practices of other car dealers.

This devolved into lamenting the demise of entertaining radio shows, but it was suggested that I Google for a podcast, and viola! Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster together again on “The Peculiar Podcast” (Which indeed, it is)

BUT WAIT – There’s more… So, Saturday night I am grazing Netflix, looking for something, anything, feeling unsatisfied because they STILL don’t have season 4 of Breaking Bad. I started watching a surreal dark comedy, “The Visioneers”, and who pops up as the host of some sort of telethon, but Pat Cashman himself. Sadly, his head explodes, but as far as I know it was just a special effect.

Now, I thought these things are usually grouped in threes, so where is the third Pat Cashman reference?

BTW The podcast is very amusing, but I hope they devise some sort of call in technology for it, so we can hear from the likes of Mickey from the Denny Regrade, Clem Phlerm, and there was a little kid named Harry that used to call in, this was almost 15 years ago I reckon. Maybe he will call from MIT, or from a trailer park in Fife. I kind of expect that if he is in a gang, he is the leader.

Anyway, if you enjoy Washington state chicken, you should give The Peculiar Podcast a listen.

Congrats to Dick Van Dyke on his recent marriage, at age 86 you have to admire that. I loved the Dick Van Dyke show. It holds up well after all these years- I recently watched a “Welcome Back Kotter” rerun and I can’t believe I used to watch that every week instead of smoking in the alley with my friends.

That being said, I also kind of liked the pilot for what became the Dick Van Dyke show, Carl Reiner was funny, and Barbara Britton could have been Mrs. Petrie if we didn’t all have MTM permanently entrenched in that role. It could have become a hit with a little tweaking; See for yourself.

super8camera Since seeing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in it’s initial theatrical release, so many years ago, I refuse to leave the theater until the screen goes blank for at least two minutes, or the lights go up. This is very annoying to my wife, if she had her way, we would probably have to leave five minutes BEFORE the credits, to “beat the traffic”, a strange concept indeed.

Many movies reward me for my patience; in the 2001 film Ghost World There’s a bit after the credits where Steve Buscemi’s character gets to defeat the clerk in the convenience store altercation. Obviously filmed for a gag, not an alternate scene; but you can tell Buscemi enjoyed it.

Last summer’s Super 8 showed the Super 8 movie the kids in the film were working on, but not until after the lengthy credits. Yet many people left during the credits and missed it entirely. They also wasted most of their popcorn.

What are your favorite post-credit scenes?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over five years since Robert Baron, the acerbic and droll host of “Music With Moskowitz” most recently on KSER, passed away. His show featured a unique lineup of “weird and wacky” comedy and novelty songs, such as you ain’t never heard, and in an earlier incarnation, another hour or more of really old country music (the good stuff).

When Jimmy Dean passed away recently, I was softly singing “I Won’t Go Hunting With You Jake, But I’ll Go Chasin’ Women” for about 3 days, much to the annoyance of my coworkers.

KSER has a comedy radio show on Saturday mornings that features some of the same, but I an never up from 7-9 on Saturday morning. I salute those stalwart souls.