The Products

Cellphone Fingerprint Reduction

HP6250StylusMiniwithearjackplugI have taken one of these little cellphone styluses that plugs into the headphone jack, it’s great for someone like me, who never uses that jack at the top of phone (I’m down with the bluetooth now). It’s great for Draw Something, Words with Fiends, or any situation where the screen needs to be touched. It works quite well as far as responsiveness. I would like it better if it was just a little longer, but if Ifs and Buts were candy and nuts, we would ALL have a Merry Christmas.

Since it’s partly my business and some of the inventory is stored in what would otherwise be my manly den, or “Man Cave”, that gives me a five-finger discount. But you can get one pretty darn cheap, just click here to check out our new tablet/cell mini-stylus – Works with Iphones, Ipads, you could poke out an eye with it, also Android phones, tablets, just about anything with a touch screen these days. Quantity discounts for more than one and for larger quantities. Huge assortment of colors. Check it out!

The Grab Bag suspicion.

Mystery Grab Bag never fails to cost almost four bucks.

The grab bag appeals to
the gambler in your soul.

From our Cheap Thrills File, We bring you the $3.95 Grab Bag Surprise, a heaping helping of the oddities and flotsam you have come to expect from the Restless Mouse.

It’s a World of Wonder, namely you will wonder where your four bucks went. The stuff inside is worth way more than that, but people are naturally suspicious of seemingly good deals, and who can blame them.

Who Farted? Is it really this bad?

The Who Farted Snow Globe teaser pic

NEW ITEM ALERT: The marketplace is not efficient, We acquired these Who Farted Snowglobes for a most agreeable price, unfortunately they cost a lot to ship, being full of water and whatever those snowflakes are made of.

This snow globe poses more questions than it answers; why is it snowing in the bathroom? Why did the child bring a gas mask into the bath? Was he anticipating an unpleasant smell? If it happens every time he bathes, maybe it’s not a fart smell at all. Does sis keep the cat’s litterbox in the bathroom? There’s your trouble. Click that link to be delighted by our price on this rare and valuable collectible.

P.S. Here are more of our Fart-related items.

Pirate Flags go better here

Skull and Crossbones in Nylon

I have noticed that these Skull and Crossbones, 3 ft. by 5 ft. Nylon Flags, sell like crazy at our Two Bits & More swap meet booth, but tend to languish online. It’s not the price, We offer these Jolly Roger Flags for $3.99, even less in quantity! I saw another site had the exact same product offered for $20 each! I doubt that they are selling any, but still.

Could it be something about salt air and nylon? It’s just a type of fabric. Should I just say, “synthetic polymers”? It’s the same thing.