Old street bread box I didn’t know they used to deliver bread to boxes outside your building- I always thought a bread box was the wooden roll-up thing on my mom’s kitchen counter. This outside box is probably four times as large. So my question is, what size box is the one people want to know if things are bigger than?

P.S. See Shorpy.com for lots of huge old images, mostly from ancient government repositories.

I don’t think I would rent an apartment to these guys.

I wish I had thought of this! A punch to make guitar picks out of old credit cards, rewards cards, I suppose any hard plastic! Then write a smug little song about recycling!

I have noticed some people come to our site via some variation of “get a novelty manufactured”. They want to see Uncle Marvin’s idea for an auto-wobbling chair become reality.

Look, We are not manufacturers, just a rusty little link in the gag gift and novelty item supply chain. However, here is a tip for those searchers; Thomasnet.com.

Years ago, you had to traipse to a big-city library, and spend hours flipping through a set of enormous green catalogs, each full of manufacturers of all things; it was actually kind of fun. Of course nowadays, those Thomas directories are online and easy to search.

Enjoy! If you get a novelty item made that would be a good fit here, please email us, we are always looking for new oddities to peddle.

We used to have a supplier that made “F-U forks”, just dining forks bent to an “F-U” configuration and mounted on a card with a clever saying. We sold dozens of those things, sadly his wife put a stop to it.