Kristen Bell and stink perfume?

Yeah, some times late at night, I google myself. We also use Alexa. Alexa has a little chart with search terms people use to get to our longstanding website (Gradually being overtaken by our new improved store at

Everything seems to be in order here…. Obama Zero Dollar Money, check…. Giant Stuff, sure we sell oversized prop items, and those prop cigars and cigarettes… WAIT A MINUTE…. Kristen Bell?? That makes no sense. I just looked at her wiki page, at the bottom it says she likes sloths. Does that have something to do with it?

I hope my wife doesn’t find out that me and Alexa have been in here googling Kristen Bell’s wiki.

I had a guy on Fiverr do this video to make the point that our prices are so low, it’s basically chicken feed. It was a dumb idea

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We went to Portland yesterday and met up with Mary from the Monkey Business Joke Shop of Lincoln City, we bought out her merchandise. She also found a bunch more crap from her joke shop in addition to the stuff on the list, we have been having fun going through it all. So there will be lots more stuff appearing at, and in our Mystery Grab Bags, at our retail site in The 2 Bits and More Store across from the city hall in Arlington, Wa. and probably on eBaY too.

I also discovered a new traveler’s trick, instead of using roadside rest stops, stop at a Red Lion or other big hotel with a banquet entrance. The bathrooms are much nicer.

Stopped at one yesterday, There was some sort of a Big Important Meeting going on in the banquet hall, and they commenced voting on something, all in favor said Yea but not a peep for the Nay side. I guess it was unanimous. I was tempted to vote nay on general principle but I didn’t want them all to look at me and see I didn’t have a badge. I didn’t even know what was going on there. Since when does that stop me?

New webvertisement from Non-Juan the “UnOfficial Spokesman” – We got via Fiverr… He nailed it!

Here at the Restless Mouse, “What you see is what you get” – In other words, we strive to describe merchandise accurately and give you a good idea of what you are getting- We are not given to too much hyperbole. If anything, we use hypobole instead. Anyway, our customer satisfaction strategies seem to be working; lots of return customers! I hope you will join our legions of satisfied customers! (OK, maybe “legions” is a little over the top)

Two Bits booth version one We rented a space at the Two Bits and More indoor swap meet in Arlington, Washington… It’s right across the street from city hall! I like that.

Haven’t quite got the hang of figuring out how to display things, but I totally rebuilt that rolling cart in the back there… Strutted around Mr. Furley style for a couple days after that accomplishment. As you see, we started out by putting our “Let’s have a garage sale” stuff out there first, gradually infiltrating it with web-store inventory. Have a look, we’re #27 down there, and there’s lots of other fun stuff from the other characters that display their wares at the two bits, it’s great fun and really nice folks there.

This is “version one”, I have some ideas to maximize our tiny 5X6 space.

The old family store

We have been serving customers like you since the turn of the century (off and on). Here you see an ancestor standing in front of an Everett venture in Maine. I think this was one of the Holt boys, if it was an Everett he would surely be in the store helping dad pack rutabegas in fish brine, or whatever turn of the century merchants did when they weren’t stoking the wood stove, or scooping out a few pounds of lard for a customer.

The partnership with the Holts prospered until a big fight over a checker game broke up the partnership. To this day an occasional Holt boy will drive by our house and yell “King me!!”. It’s not pretty.

I like to think that these honest, hard working ancestors would enjoy our web store at – wish I had their business sense, and work ethic. The tax structure from 1910 would be nice also.

I have noticed some people come to our site via some variation of “get a novelty manufactured”. They want to see Uncle Marvin’s idea for an auto-wobbling chair become reality.

Look, We are not manufacturers, just a rusty little link in the gag gift and novelty item supply chain. However, here is a tip for those searchers;

Years ago, you had to traipse to a big-city library, and spend hours flipping through a set of enormous green catalogs, each full of manufacturers of all things; it was actually kind of fun. Of course nowadays, those Thomas directories are online and easy to search.

Enjoy! If you get a novelty item made that would be a good fit here, please email us, we are always looking for new oddities to peddle.

We used to have a supplier that made “F-U forks”, just dining forks bent to an “F-U” configuration and mounted on a card with a clever saying. We sold dozens of those things, sadly his wife put a stop to it.