A few weeks ago, I was on the points auction site LISTIA and won the audiobook, “The Art of War”, and at 4000 points, paid dearly for it.

I assumed that since the “auction” page used the Amazon picture for it, it would include whatever packaging usually comes when you buy it on Amazon; and more importantly, a commercially produced CD. Instead, what I got was a home-burned CD with a home printed label. Admittedly, a very nicely made label. I would show it to you, but it’s out in the truck. Here is a screenshot of the ad;

Now, what would a warrior do about this? Break the CD and threaten the sender with the shards? It’s hard to scare anyone via the mail. I guess I will listen to the CD and live to fight another day.

I got one of these wallets for my cellphone, so I wouldn’t have to carry two things. It’s nice and all, the phone fits perfectly. It’s kind of thick so I can’t carry it in my hip pocket, but that was expected. A few things I didn’t account for;

  1. It looks weird to talk to your wallet

  2. Not a lot of room for the big wad of cash I like to carry around.

  3. Leaving my cellphone laying around wasn’t that big a deal because it’s insured. Leaving it laying around with my ID and credit cards in it, that’s another thing entirely.

  4. The charging port is on the inside edge, so it has to be left open to charge.

  5. The magnetic latch isn’t strong enough; I added Velcro, so now there is a ripping sound when I open it; makes it hard to sneak a peek under the table at a meeting… This is probably my biggest complaint.

Even accounting for all that, for eight dollars or so, I’m happy with it. What’s in your wallet?

Two fisted drinking is required We visited a local mexican-style eatery Saturday afternoon – asked for a large glass of beer, they brought me something in a huge chalice of some sort, fit for a Spanish Emporer and holding about a gallon of beer. I had to drink it with both hands. Did she seriously think that I was going to drink that?

The taco salad was like they got a can of Kirkland signature chicken and dumped it in the bottom, juice and all, and threw salad fixings on top.

The worst part, the place smelled strongly of Mr. Clean, with a hint of Chihuahua urine. You had to wonder what went on there the night before. It sort of put me off my feed. I am sticking to Azteca for my multicultural cuisine from now on.