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It doesn’t go to 11

Hype Mini-amp portable speaker

I got one of these speakers from, a “deal” site, for $9.99 – I don’t know how that is such a special deal since an Amazon vendor also has them for $9.99, but I see they sold out at Tanga, so who am I to say. It looks like a miniature Amplifier, the knobs all work, and it actually sounds pretty good – I use it to play podcasts and my Pandora channels, from my cellphone, when I am at my warehouse job.

The speaker I used before took 3 AAA batteries, this one takes 3 double A batteries- that makes all the difference in battery life, the old one needed batteries once a week, this one has lasted 3 weeks on the same set of batteries and still going strong.

It seems to be sturdy, and as long as I don’t wear out the cord it should last a long time. The speaker wires are always the weak point on speakers and headphones, am I right?