We had this video made for our old site, now it’s just RestlessMouse.com, no “that” in front. I dug it out as sort of a new year inspiration.

My tradition new year inspiration, is of course, Spike Jones:

I had a guy on Fiverr do this video to make the point that our prices are so low, it’s basically chicken feed. It was a dumb idea

New webvertisement from Non-Juan the “UnOfficial Spokesman” – We got via Fiverr… He nailed it!

This is what everything sounds like to me. Now do you understand why my sanity is frayed?

Congrats to Dick Van Dyke on his recent marriage, at age 86 you have to admire that. I loved the Dick Van Dyke show. It holds up well after all these years- I recently watched a “Welcome Back Kotter” rerun and I can’t believe I used to watch that every week instead of smoking in the alley with my friends.

That being said, I also kind of liked the pilot for what became the Dick Van Dyke show, Carl Reiner was funny, and Barbara Britton could have been Mrs. Petrie if we didn’t all have MTM permanently entrenched in that role. It could have become a hit with a little tweaking; See for yourself.

buttonmakerI was going to post our old button-making machine on eBaY, but I lost the directions. Googled it, now this kid made it look like so much fun, suddenly everybody wants to make buttons. It’s really hard to get rid of anything around here.