Restless Mouse Mouseman on a log.

Sitting around doodling on junk mail. We’ve been trying to refine the idea of our Mr. RestlessMouse Mouseman logo. Is he a man, or a mouse? Obviously, both a man and a computer mouse. But should he become more human-like by growing limbs? Or more like the other kind of mouse, by adding whiskers? I guess that would just muddy the waters.

If he does have legs, I like giving him shoes, untied. It makes him more into someone I can relate to.

Should I get rid of, or shorten, his vestigal cord? Or hook it to a distant computer?

Actually, the main reason this came up, I bought a box of colored gel pens at Staples today.

Kristen Bell and stink perfume?

Yeah, some times late at night, I google myself. We also use Alexa. Alexa has a little chart with search terms people use to get to our longstanding website (Gradually being overtaken by our new improved store at

Everything seems to be in order here…. Obama Zero Dollar Money, check…. Giant Stuff, sure we sell oversized prop items, and those prop cigars and cigarettes… WAIT A MINUTE…. Kristen Bell?? That makes no sense. I just looked at her wiki page, at the bottom it says she likes sloths. Does that have something to do with it?

I hope my wife doesn’t find out that me and Alexa have been in here googling Kristen Bell’s wiki.

I don’t understand how Yahoo search works. I was looking at ways to fix some siding damage, at the bottom there were cues for more searches in the “Do it Yourself” category. Sounds like some people have worse problems than holes in the siding…