buttonmakerI was going to post our old button-making machine on eBaY, but I lost the directions. Googled it, now this kid made it look like so much fun, suddenly everybody wants to make buttons. It’s really hard to get rid of anything around here.

I wound up at the Marysville Rock & Gem Club annual show at the Jr. High School yesterday, and acquired a slab of Crazylace Agate, with the intention to put feet on it and use it as an impractical and ill-advised drink coaster. I didn’t know about the particular properties of agate, and I thought crazylace was some sort of wacky shoestring.


Anyway, turns out crazylace agate has translucent areas running through it. So I got to thinking (This is where the trouble started) – I wonder if it would be practical to cut it to a rectangle, and build it into a little light box, so it could be an accent light as well as a coaster. Maybe add a napkin holder on the side, and put a clock in it? This is what is known in the military as “mission creep”. What do you cut it with if you don’t have a lapidary saw?