Compression nut is too far back I am attempting to install a dishwasher and of course it has become a project on the scale of building the Hoover Dam. I got the cupboard stuff off and out of the dishwasher’s assigned space, and the drain, water supply, and electrical are all there, so that’s good. When I took the bread sack that had been rubber-banded over the drain hose off, it began to ooze with some bright blue goop, just in case it was clogged I ran a snake through it. This caused more disgustingness, and the delicate aroma reminded me that the septic tank had backed up a few years ago. Yuk! But I got the drain hooked up to the dishwasher, and I reckon that running the dishwasher will make the pipes all lemony-fresh again, as we now have a fully functioning septic system.

Cat supervises plumbing operation Unfortunately, I have run into a problem hooking up the water supply. There is a 1/2″ copper tube supplying the water, with a compression nut and ring scenario, as you see here. I have an adapter that takes the 3/8″ dishwasher line and brings it up to 1/2″, but the copper pipe will not fit inside the fitting. I know it’s 1/2″ because I had a 1/2″ plastic pipe with outside threads that went on there OK, except for a thread mismatch. But the brass adapter will not allow the copper pipe inside at all, hence the nut can’t reach the fitting. I guess I could knock the ferrule ring off and install another set closer to the end of the copper, but that doesn’t seem to be an ideal solution. My cat was supervising the whole operation, but had no comment.