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What do we sell? How much time do you have?

Sometimes people say, “So you have an online store. What do you sell?” I have a tough time with this question.
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The old fart mug is tired.

I stopped at a St. Vincent De Paul store yesterday, I am told that St. Vincent is the patron saint of smelly used crap?? Anyway, I scored this hilarious old fart mug for 49 cents!
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WHY the multiple bottles of stink perfume?

Why the warehouse-store sized orders for stink perfume? I can understand people buying 1 or two bottles of our horrible ¬†Stink Perfume to put in the bathroom cabinet, teach a lesson to the snoopers… But why the 6 or 10 bottle orders, often sent to motels? What for? Dare I ask?
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Bite me, Chipmunks; any kid can do that.

I always had to have a reel-to-reel tape recorder to monkey with, when I was a kid. These became a little scarce with the advent of cassette tapes, but you could still get the little reels of tape for them at Radio Shack. They were much preferable to cassettes, because you could slow them down […]
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Purple Dinosaurs must die.

This is one of the little nuances that I love at the Bellingham Railway Museum. Although I would rather that Barney got run over by an oncoming train, instead of one that is slowly backing onto a side spur line.
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Plumbing and Mushrooms

We ate at an old diner in Renton today, I asked the server, “I thought this used to be something else… Maverick? When did that change?” She must get that a lot because she answered right away, “22 years ago.” Way to make me feel old. Having already established that I am an old fart, […]
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Our neighbors, Tarzan and Francis the Talking Mule

I found this old textbook at a yard sale… It’s sort of reassuring that previous generations also knew how to annoy the librarians. I think all the entries after Nyla Sperlick and before Fam Ranken are the same kid, a kid who lived in a house with a television I presume… He checked out the […]
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Music without Moskowitz? Not quite the same now is it?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over five years since Robert Baron, the acerbic and droll host of “Music With Moskowitz” most recently on KSER, passed away. His show featured a unique lineup of “weird and wacky” comedy and novelty songs, such as you ain’t never heard, and in an earlier incarnation, another hour […]
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DO NOT CALL LIST is about useless, but I found something that helps…

The Toll-free number spammers We had been getting calls on our 1-800 number, wherein the caller never says a word, usually it would go to voicemail, and slightly run up my 1-800 bill from Lingo if I went over my allotment. The 1-800 number routed to our main number, which happens to be my cellphone. […]
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Annoying Orange Closeout- Just $2.94

Annoying orange, compared with ordinary pen. We got two dozen of the “Talking Annoying Orange” to try them out, when they arrived we promptly lost two to pilferage, they were much cooler that I thought so I went to stock up, alas my supplier sold his entire supply to some chain store. So, please enjoy […]
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