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The old fart mug is tired.

oldfartmugsmI stopped at a St. Vincent De Paul store yesterday, I am told that St. Vincent is the patron saint of smelly used crap?? Anyway, I scored this hilarious old fart mug for 49 cents!

It does not appear to have been used, however I will wash it repeatedly with chemicals left over from the set of “Breaking Bad” just the same.

The problem with mugs, my wife, instead of reducing her own stuff, she will periodically go through the mugs, and donate most of the ones that she doesn’t personally use. My son’s black “Skull and Crossbone” mug is also at risk.

This makes me wonder, how many times has this “Old Fart” mug cycled through the thrift-store ecosystem? Maybe I should just throw it on the patio cement and put it out of it’s misery.

Plumbing and Mushrooms

We ate at an old diner in Renton today, I asked the server, “I thought this used to be something else… Maverick? When did that change?” She must get that a lot because she answered right away, “22 years ago.” Way to make me feel old. Having already established that I am an old fart, I didn’t ask any more Maverick related questions.

I am sure that there was a clever logo of a little kid roping a steer on the sign, but the Internet is silent on the subject. Also, the Pacman machine is gone. And what happened to the H.R.Salt fish and chips place next door? Thai food? Who prefers Thai food to English style fish and chips?

I’m not knocking the new management. The food was very good, served fast, no ballgame blaring this time of day- That’s what put us off of Appleby’s, too many competing noises.

One thing I think was a bad idea, there are ads under the glass, seemingly built into the table. Mine was for “The Plumbing Joint”. That’s fine, although sad in a way. I remember when the only plumbers discussed in this place were the Mario Brothers.

Ad with my food? No thanks.
Now, I’ve done a little household plumbing in my time, and I know what is causing the sink to back up in the ad. First, someone forgot to turn the tap off. Second, I know there is a big greasy glob of hair, dish soap, old spaghetti, and other disgusting matter in the drain. It’s not the kind of thing I want to think about while enjoying my mushroom burger.

Fortunately/Unfortunately, Teresa distracted me by promptly getting food on her shirt, and endlessly fussing about it for the rest of the meal.

Our neighbors, Tarzan and Francis the Talking Mule

Famous People check out from library

I found this old textbook at a yard sale… It’s sort of reassuring that previous generations also knew how to annoy the librarians.

I think all the entries after Nyla Sperlick and before Fam Ranken are the same kid, a kid who lived in a house with a television I presume… He checked out the book for “Dragnet” in 1954, then “Francis”, I presume he means the talking mule, as his address is “Stall 3 1/2” (Adding the fraction makes it funnier- this kid is a comedy genius) – Don’t know why the date is 1868 on that one- Then back to 600BC for Tarzan at cave 6D (What did I tell you- picture a cave apartment – maybe Tarzan will bring Jane up to show her his etchings!) Then five years later, Tarzan checks out this book again, but now he’s moved to “Cave 91”.

I sure hope this kid got into advertising or some such lucrative endeavor, rather than getting electroshock therapy.

Music without Moskowitz? Not quite the same now is it?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over five years since Robert Baron, the acerbic and droll host of “Music With Moskowitz” most recently on KSER, passed away. His show featured a unique lineup of “weird and wacky” comedy and novelty songs, such as you ain’t never heard, and in an earlier incarnation, another hour or more of really old country music (the good stuff).

When Jimmy Dean passed away recently, I was softly singing “I Won’t Go Hunting With You Jake, But I’ll Go Chasin’ Women” for about 3 days, much to the annoyance of my coworkers.

KSER has a comedy radio show on Saturday mornings that features some of the same, but I an never up from 7-9 on Saturday morning. I salute those stalwart souls.

Free Science Fun! Rattlesnake Eggs

School is starting and it’s time to pull the old Rattlesnake Egg Prank. (Packaging is different now)

People keep making more kids so there is always someone around that will fall for it and they do fall for it. A lot of people give today’s kids too much credit for being “sophisticated” and streetwise, they are even more gullible than when I was a kid in the 60’s. We had to be smart or we didn’t get to grow up, nobody protected us every minute, and we were out in the real world, with cigarettes and fireworks and no helmets, and stranger danger was by word of mouth only.


But I digress. We are so sure that our reusable Rattlesnake Egg gags work, just put the word RATTLESNAKE! in the comments section of your next order, and we will include one free. Not valid with any other “comments offer”. The free one is in addition to any that you put in your cart & pay for.

I guess this is more of a psychology/sociology thing than a science thing. Hopefully you will get this kind of response;