This is one of the little nuances that I love at the Bellingham Railway Museum. Although I would rather that Barney got run over by an oncoming train, instead of one that is slowly backing onto a side spur line.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over five years since Robert Baron, the acerbic and droll host of “Music With Moskowitz” most recently on KSER, passed away. His show featured a unique lineup of “weird and wacky” comedy and novelty songs, such as you ain’t never heard, and in an earlier incarnation, another hour

I got a tournament-approved Monopoly “Speed Die” from a guy on ebay, we started a game using this third die today. Not sure if we will vote to use it in the future. The speed die does one of four things, three of them good but the last one very bad! If the SD shows

We recently saw a documentary on Netflix about tournament Monopoly players, and it inspired us to dust off the old Monopoly board, seeing as how is was miserable out and all four of us were home. Came up with some “house rules” too. That’s when the trouble started…

Having two people with insomnia* makes it worse. Last night, about 2:30, my wife pulls out her favorite Austin Powers quote, saying, “I’ve got a whole bag of “Shhh” with your name on it!”…

One of my favorite things about old postcards, the messages written on the back. When it’s not “The weather is nice, this place is beautiful, nyahh nyahh neener neener neener!” This one someone sent to her mother, apparently they correspond only by mail; Dear mom- Received your letter. Jim was to tell you about our

I just “pinned” this crazy green alarm clock from Collector’s Weekly… So much funky stuff out there, no wonder people hoard. I noticed there is a Purple Store up on Highway 99 AKA Aurora in North Seattle. They just sell purple stuff. I kid you not. If it had been an Orange Store or a

A guy is demanding a refund for deodorant because his girlfriend still insists that he smells bad.

Sitting around doodling on junk mail. We’ve been trying to refine the idea of our Mr. RestlessMouse Mouseman logo. Is he a man, or a mouse? Obviously, both a man and a computer mouse. But should he become more human-like by growing limbs? Or more like the other kind of mouse, by adding whiskers? I

Take ducks for instance. ME: “Ooh, look at the pretty ducky with the green head! I think they are called mallards, maybe they originated in Ballard?” SMART PEOPLE: The phylogeny of this genus is one of the most confounded ones of all living birds. Research is hampered by the fact the radiation of the two