2024 BYD Shark Is a PHEV Pickup Set to Take on the World (2024)

The Chinese brand's pickup has a 430-hp PHEV powertrain and is estimated to trek up to 62 miles on battery power alone—though it won't be sold in the U.S.

By Jack Fitzgerald
2024 BYD Shark Is a PHEV Pickup Set to Take on the World (1)
  • BYD, the Chinese auto giant, has given us our first look at the Shark, a new plug-in-hybrid pickup truck.
  • The Shark won't be sold in the United States, as the manufacturer plans to build the pickup in China, but a new plant destined for Mexico could see that change.
  • The mid-size pickup is aimed at competing with the likes of the Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, Toyota Hilux, and Nissan Navara in outside markets.

Already selling a crossover named Dolphin and a sedan named Seal, BYD is no stranger to aquatic vehicle names. The newest product from the Chinese automotive giant is a bit more aggressive, with BYD naming its new plug-in-hybrid pickup truck Shark. It's important to note that the Shark won't be sold in the United States. It will be sold south of the border in Mexico, where BYD plans to build a new production facility in the coming months.

From a design perspective, the Shark should fit right in. As should its 128.3-inch wheelbase. From the press photos we've seen, it has a rugged persona, with its boxy fenders and square-shaped headlights and taillights. We must say, though, those full-width lighting elements look an awful lot like the Ford F-15o Lightning's design. The Shark's front skid plate and the giant "BYD" text on the tailgate further help the resilient look of the pickup.

Power comes from a 1.5-liter four-cylinder and a pair of electric motors. According to BYD, the Shark produces a combined 430 horsepower, though the company did not report a torque figure. Whatever that proves to be, BYD claims a towing capacity of 5512 pounds and a maximum payload of 1841 pounds. Sprinting to 62 mph is estimated to take 5.7 seconds.

The Shark touts impressive range figures for a plug-in-hybrid pickup, which perhaps shouldn't come as a surprise, given that BYD is currently the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer. According to the automaker, the Shark can travel 62 miles in electric-only mode. It's also said to be capable of going more than 520 miles with a full tank of gas and a fully charged battery. Another impressive feature for a plug-in is support for fast-charging thanks to its CCS1 port.

The Shark's cabin appears to be a mix of focused technology and rugged practicality. Rectangular air vents sit on either side of a bulbous dashboard, which itself extends out to highlight the rotating 12.8-inch infotainment touchscreen. It can be used in landscape or portrait mode and supports access for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A separate 10.3-inch digital gauge cluster sits behind the steering wheel.

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When the Shark goes on sale in Mexico a few weeks from now, there will be two options available: GL and GS. Both feature the same 430-hp powertrain. Reservations are open now, assuming you live in Mexico, with pricing starting at $53,938 at current exchange rates.

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2024 BYD Shark Is a PHEV Pickup Set to Take on the World (2024)
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