32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (2024)

Stay cool

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (1)

Penkou Portable Neck Fan

This fan’s battery lasts all day, and it fits comfortably around the neck without being heavy, loud, or excessively gusty. Also, several accidental drops haven’t killed it.

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$30 from Amazon

If you haven’t heard of wearable fans, it’s time to meet the low-key Penkou Portable Neck Fan, which looks like a pair of snazzy headphones but … cooler. With three speed settings and a ring of 72 air slots, the device emits a gentle breeze along your neck and head without blowing directly into your face. Staff writer Thom Dunn, who tested neck fans during the extreme heat of summer 2023, liked the Penkou fan the best, due to its 16-hour battery life (depending on the setting), comfort, and feather-light weight. This is a thoughtful gift for commuters, city dwellers, travelers, and anyone who is somewhat prone to schvitzing.

Old-school photos

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (3)

Ilford XP2 Super Single Use Camera

Ilford’s XP2 is simple to use, creates great black-and-white photos, and can be developed at the drugstore.

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$53 from Amazon(pack of two)

There is still so much joy to be found in shooting film, especially old-school black-and-white film. For a nostalgic and unexpectedly fun gift, consider the disposable XP2 Super Single Use Camera from Ilford (one of the world’s largest suppliers of analog black-and-white photography supplies). A favorite from our testing, this camera is equipped with an automatic flash that does surprisingly well in the low light of parties and after-dusk gatherings, and it yields satisfying photos with a classic, creamy look.



Japanese snacking

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (5)

Bokksu Seasons of Japan Snack Box

Curated by the online Japanese market Bokksu, this snack box is chock-full of tangy, crunchy, and sweet shelf-stable delights.

Buying Options

$65 from Bokksu(one-time order)

Each individually wrapped snack in the Bokksu Seasons of Japan Snack Box is thoughtfully chosen. And an enclosed booklet explains the origins, allergens, and cultural significance of each nosh. There’s an option to choose a monthly gift-box subscription, but with the one-off order, your loved one will receive just this box. If you order for February or March, the Sakura Box—a selection from Kyoto inspired by cherry-blossom season—replaces the Seasons of Japan box.

A silkier sleep

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (7)

Lilysilk 25 Momme Oxford Envelope Luxury Pillowcase

This pillowcase, made from the highest grade mulberry silk, is lustrous and weighty, and it will keep your hair smoother overnight.

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$69 from Lilysilk

Silk pillowcases are said to protect hair and skin from the relative ravages of rubbing against rough cotton cases all night. Staff writer Caira Blackwell credits the LilySilk 25 Momme Oxford Envelope Luxury Pillowcase with exempting her curls and coils from frizz and fuzz. But even if your giftee doesn’t suffer skin and hair damage or dryness, sleeping on silk is a luxurious treat all the same. It’s just nice. The LilySilk case is made from the highest-quality silk (mulberry) with a respectable momme count (or weight) of 22. Caring for this silk case can be a little fussy—the instructions say to spot-clean with water or to dry clean. Yet senior editor Jen Hunter has had great success regularly hand-washing her cases with Soak detergent. All of the extra effort is well worth it for a sumptuous night’s sleep.



The perfect key ring

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (9)

Craighill Closed Helix Keyring

This simple and elegant key ring requires no prying or wrestling; it comes in brass, stainless, and black.

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$30 from Urban Outfitters

$30 from Craighill

This key ring is all of the things it should be—light and easy to use, in one small, graceful loop. Designed and made by Craighill, located in Brooklyn, New York, the 2-inch Closed Helix Key Ring is made from a twist of wire and finished with screw caps. Simply untwist the ridged cap to add or remove keys. It’s also available in black and stainless steel.

Tough catchalls

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (11)

Tubtrugs Medium Tub

This bright, durable tub is the perfect catchall both indoors and outdoors. It’s made of flexible plastic that stands up to all sorts of lugging and tugging.

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$27 from Amazon

The cheery Tubtrugs Medium Tub is made of a bendy, rubberized plastic that doesn’t crack or fade. And it’s flexible, so you can squeeze the handles together and carry it one-handed. Because this tote is both rugged and cute, it can be used in the yard as an ice bucket or a gardening caddy, or bring it indoors to wrangle bits and bobs. I use several of these totes in the garden, for weeding and as general totes. And supervising editor Hannah Morrill uses hers to corral toddler toys.



Elegant tapers

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (13)

The Floral Society 18" Fancy Taper Candles

These long-lasting, splurge-worthy candles are perfect for creating fancy flickering moments.

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$40 from Food52

$40 from The Floral Society

Even for those who have everything, there are some essentials that continue to get gobbled up or melted down. The 18-inch Floral Society Fancy Taper Candles are some of our favorite statement dinner candles from testing: They elevate tablescapes and burn for a remarkable 24 hours. The two smooth, paraffin tapers are impressive in height, and they feature a dramatic spiral molded with a clean, consistent casting and a tight wick. This may be a lot to pay for something that’s going to go up in flames, but that’s what makes these candles so gift-worthy—most people aren’t going to buy them for themselves.

Upgraded umbrella

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (15)

Davek Elite

This umbrella is timeless and gift-worthy, offering elevated style, construction, and a price tag to match.

Buying Options

$159 from Amazon

$159 from Davek

Your have-everything person surely owns an umbrella, but do they own one that stands up to all manner of weather and nostalgically channels both Mary Poppins and Gene Kelly? Our upgrade pick features a stitched leather handle, a high-quality fiberglass frame, and a 44-inch microfiber canopy—not to mention a lifetime guarantee to back it up. The Davek Elite has flexible ribs, so it can turn inside out in strong wind and then snap back into place without damage.

Smart storage

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (17)

Stasher Reusable Silicone Bag Multi-Pack

These multipurpose, durable bags seal securely and can hold everything from snacks to prepped ingredients to leftovers. And they can go from fridge to freezer.

Buying Options

$55 from Amazon(set of four)

Glamorous? No. Useful, virtuous, and unexpected? Absolutely. Made of flexible, dishwasher-safe silicone, Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags have a strong zip-top closure, and they come in multiple sizes and cheery colors. Intended to hold everything from toiletries to spaghetti sauce, they can replace single-use plastic bags, and they’ll streamline your Tupperware drawer. Senior staff writer Rose Maura Lorre is so besotted with these handy storage bags that she wrote them a love letter, and my mother-in-law has also given them rave reviews.

A Rapunzel-worthy comb

Yves Durif Comb

Handmade in Italy from ivory-toned resin, this chic, wide-toothed comb works for detangling as well as styling.

Buying Options

$55 from Saks Fifth Avenue

$55 from Yves Durif

$55 from Neiman Marcus

Handcrafted in Italy, the Yves Durif Comb is static-proof, glue-free, and made to be the last comb your loved one will ever need (and, considering the price, that’s a good thing). The resin comb, designed by hairstylist Yves Durif, is intended for detangling wet or dry hair. It’s just the sort of fancy-schmancy object a well-tressed person will love but is unlikely to buy for themself.



The Rolls-Royce of pencils

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (20)

Palomino Blackwing 602

These pencils have a buttery-soft exterior, a replaceable eraser, an incense-cedar barrel, and a smooth, dark core.

Buying Options

$31 from Amazon(pack of 12)

$27 from Blick(pack of 12)

This cult-favorite pencil was once used by the likes of John Steinbeck and Chuck Jones, but it was discontinued in 1998. In 2010, a small California company revived the Blackwing 602, and now a new generation is obsessed (including many of our editors). Everything about the Blackwing 602 is appealing, including its comfortable grip, replaceable rectangular eraser, and polished appearance. The real star, though, is this instrument’s soft, smooth Japanese graphite, which writes like a dream, leaving crisp, dark lines on the paper. This is like no other pencil we’ve tried. But price-wise, it is a little luxury, so it’s perfect for someone who has everything. In fact, these pencils could be an annual treat for all of the writerly have-everything people in your life.

Gourmet salt

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (22)

Emile Henry Salt Pig

This ceramic salt cellar’s unglazed interior absorbs moisture, and its wide, curved opening provides easy access while also protecting salt from splashes and spills.

Buying Options

$42 from Amazon

$50 from Sur La Table

$50 from Food52

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes (3 pounds)

This is the crunchiest, flakiest finishing sea salt, and it’s beloved by professional and home cooks alike.

Buying Options

$25 from Amazon

Any chef worth their salt keeps a vessel of it near the stove at all times. Emile Henry’s Salt Pig is a favorite for good reason: It has an easy-to-access mouth and an unglazed interior for absorbing salt-ruining moisture. The curve of the snout (do we call it a snout?) protects salt from errant cooking drips and splashes. This vessel comes in red, white, or black, and your hard-to-buy-for loved one can put it in the dishwasher. Bundle it with a pail of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes—the crunchy English sea salt that improves everything from brownies to roast chicken.



Modern catchalls

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (25)

Hay Kaleido Tray

This pretty yet sturdy geometric tray is made from powder-coated steel. And you can choose from 15 colors and five sizes.

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$13 from Design Within Reach

The Hay Kaleido Tray is perfect for catching keys and sunglasses or displaying beautiful still lifes of precious objects. And you can choose from five sizes and 15 mix-and-match colors. Made of scratch-resistant, powder-coated steel, these trays are design statements all on their own. There’s an extra-small diamond-shaped tray that’s ideal for corralling doodads, such as AirPods or loose change. The small hexagonal tray (above) is a terrific snack tray. And the broadest, largest tray is a useful indoor/outdoor carryall. If your loved one collects several of these trays, they can be nested together in colorful, artistic designs.

An avocado vase

Ilex Studio Avocado Vase

This elegant, shatter-resistant vase is the perfect vessel for sprouting avocado pits.

Buying Options

$60 from Ilex Studio

This gift is whimsical and useful, and it’s not likely to be something your hard-to-shop-for friend already owns. The Ilex Studio Avocado Vase deftly cradles a pit so that it rests in the water without being submerged. After some patient waiting, the owner can witness the seed root and the leaves bud, unfurl, and flourish. And the sturdy, temperature-resistant borosilicate glass vessel—available in clear, red, green, or pink—won’t shatter if it’s inadvertently knocked over.



Artsy plant savers

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (28)


Simple and ingenious, these brass tubes are threaded with a cotton cord, to slowly draw water from a container vessel into the soil of your plants.

Buying Options

$27 from Plantstraws

Swedish-made Plantstraws may look like art pieces, but these brass tubes actually do the important work of keeping plants alive. One end of the simple metal tube goes into a water vessel (such as a vase), and the other goes into the soil of a moisture-loving plant. A cotton cord strung through the tube slowly soaks up water from the vessel to keep the plant moist and happy. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these tubes seriously simplify watering. Because Plantstraws ship from Sweden, pricey shipping is part of the worthy investment.

Chasing rainbows

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (30)

Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker

After you suction-cup this see-through contraption to a window, power from the mini solar panel turns the gears, rotates the crystal, and casts shimmering rainbows throughout the room.

Buying Options

$38 from Amazon

Your loved one may already have a solid home-decor vibe, but the Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker will add a welcome dose of whimsy to any space. This unobtrusive little light catcher affixes to the window with a suction cup, and when the sun shines on its solar-powered battery, the dangling prism rotates to scatter rainbows around the room (video). Humans love the beautiful disco effect, yet it makes an even better gift for cats, as they delight in chasing the little moving rainbows for hours.



Pop secret

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (32)

This collapsible popcorn popper and serving bowl is made of microwave- and dishwasher-safe silicone, and it produces superior popcorn.

Buying Options

$25 from Amazon

$25 from Urban Outfitters

Just because someone seems to have everything, that doesn’t mean they have all of the best things. If your loved one enjoys popcorn but has been popping up feeble bags of the microwave variety, give them . Among the popping methods we’ve tried, this silicone microwave popcorn bowl is one of our favorites (it’s dishwasher-safe and collapses to about 2 inches for easy storage). With this bowl, your loved one gets to use their own kernels and seasoning. Irish butter, extra-virgin olive oil, or nutritional yeast will prove to be far superior to that Day-Glo yellow stuff.

Refined writing

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (34)

Caran d’Ache 849 Brut Rosé

This classic cartridge pen has a comfortable hexagonal grip and a smooth writing tip, and it’s beautiful to behold.

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$32 from Amazon

Though your loved one most certainly has a junk drawer full of writing implements, they probably don’t have a pen this luxurious. The Caran d’Ache 849 Brut Rosé ballpoint pen is one of our favorites. With its beautiful rose-gold finish—made with 1 to 2 microns of real gold—and hexagonal shape, this pen is lovely to use and to look at. And thanks to its smooth-gliding tip, jotting a to-do list feels as stately as penning one’s memoirs.



A one-of-a-kind notebook

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (36)

Papier Hardback Notebook

You can customize this lovely and affordable hardback notebook with details such as monogramming and cover colors.

Buying Options

$30 from Papier

Sure, your loved one can type out their grocery list in the Notes app or scrawl their thoughts in a Google doc, but nothing beats the analog pleasure of writing in a notebook. And although this person may already have a utilitarian notebook or pad (perhaps including one of our picks), we’re guessing they don’t have anything as pretty or personal as this handsome, two-tone Papier Notebook. This notebook is ultra-customizable: You can choose lined, plain, or bullet-dotted paper, and you can select from nine color-blocked hardback covers. There’s also an option for a lengthy monogram, such as initials or even a quote. The paper is thick, the binding lies flat, and the penning possibilities are endless.

Everything cloths

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (38)

Baggu Reusable Cloth Set

These charming organic cotton squares have unlimited usefulness—as napkins, wrapping paper, flower cones. They come in a set of three and in several lovely prints and patterns.

Buying Options

$26 from BrandsWalk

May be out of stock

The beauty of the Baggu Reusable Cloth Set’s organic cotton cloths lies in their chameleon-like versatility. These pretty cloths—which come in pleasing prints and patterns—are perfect for so many things, whether they’re folded crisply as napkins for a dinner party or knotted snugly around gifts. They also make great neckerchiefs and beautiful cones to hold flowers, and they’re even lovelier still tied bandana-style on particularly hot days. The recipient may want to keep one in a reusable shopping bag, as padding for tender produce. Or they may be inspired to tie one up, hobo-style, as a satchel for snacks. The colorful cloths come in sets of three (and don’t be surprised to find your special person investing in a few more down the line).



Superior scooping

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (40)

Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream Scoop

Favored by ice cream shops everywhere, this scoop smoothly cuts into hard ice cream, produces scrumptious spheres, and is easy to clean.

Buying Options

$21 from Amazon

$25 from Wayfair

When it comes to scooping ice cream, a standard spoon is theoretically adequate, but it may bend when faced with the challenge of harder pints. Give your loved one the gift of easy scooping with the Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream Scoop. We tested it for nine years, and we still think it’s the best tool for the job. This one is also the preferred scoop of many ice cream shops, thanks to heat-conducting fluid (in the handle) that harnesses the body heat of the scooper’s hand. Make this gift even more special by throwing in a five-pint delivery of Jeni’s Ice Cream, one of our favorite gift baskets.

A pretty passport cover

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (42)

Tusk Siam Passport Cover

This elegant goatskin passport cover comes in 10 zippy color combos, and it won’t fade or scuff, even after years of traveling.

Buying Options

$52 from Tusk

Your loved one may already have excellent luggage, the perfect travel pillow, and TSA PreCheck, but it’s possible they do not own an elegant cover for their passport. Enter the Tusk Siam Passport Cover. This two-tone number comes in 10 different color combinations, all of which stand out in the dark depths of a bag. The smaller interior pockets are ideal for stashing physical boarding passes and those pesky customs forms on international flights. Supervising editor Hannah Morrill has used this cover for nearly a decade, and she reports that it remains just as supple and useful as it was on its first journey.



Caffeine fiending

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (44)

Atlas Coffee Club

Through monthly or bimonthly subscriptions, this coffee-delivery service offers beans from around the world. Local farmers help fine-tune the brews.

Buying Options

Buy from Atlas Coffee Club

The coffee drinker on your list may already have a French press or drip maker they like (as well as all of the mugs they’ll ever need). If so, deliver them some beans they may not have tasted before. Atlas Coffee Club is the most global-minded of our recommended coffee subscription services: It sources its beans not only from coffee-growing giants like Brazil and Colombia but also from less-expected destinations, such as India and Peru. Since Atlas works directly with local farmers, it’s able to experiment with how the beans are produced; one recent project involved using anaerobic fermentation to draw out more-complex flavors. Your lucky gift recipient can choose their roast and grind preference, and you choose how many deliveries you’d like to sponsor (one or two bags per month, for three, six, or 12 months). Each delivery also includes a postcard with fun facts about that country’s coffee industry, so the gift recipient can learn as they sip.

Flower power

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (46)

The Bouqs Company

Easy ordering and stylish bouquets make this flower-delivery service our favorite. Choose from three sizes. The company will reliably deliver anywhere in the country.

Buying Options

Buy from The Bouqs Company

Even if your loved one has the most beautiful, well-decorated home on the planet, the addition of some flowers can make it lovelier still. And The Bouqs Company is our favorite online flower-delivery service. In our tests, it delivered the freshest and most interesting flower arrangements, and out of all the flower-delivery services we tried, this one gave us the best ordering experience. The company also offers a flower subscription, which delivers fresh bouquets on the regular.



Literature they’ll love

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (48)

Book of the Month

Readers can choose one book per month from five to seven options, for about half the price of a regular hardcover. The price includes shipping, and the app helps you keep track of your reading.

Buying Options

Buy from Book of the Month

Shopping for a bookworm is tricky when you don’t know what they’ve already read or purchased, but a book subscription box removes the guesswork. One of our favorites is Book of the Month. It offers readers a choice among five to seven newer hardcovers, giving your loved one an element of control that doesn’t risk overwhelming them with options. The picks are always books released during the month in which they’re included, and to keep your gift recipient intrigued, they span a range of genres. If nothing appeals that month, readers can easily skip the month and retain credit.

A gift that gives back

TisBest Charity Gift Cards

This gift card is a one-stop shop for charitable donations—allowing the recipient to choose from hundreds of vetted nonprofits organized by interest.

Buying Options

Buy from TisBest

Some people really mean it when they say they don’t want anything. So let them give something to others, instead. With a TisBest Charity Gift Card, your loved one can select from a long list of verified philanthropic organizations sorted by interest, from Best Friends Animal Society to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, and then spend their gift on the charity of their choice. Unlike some other options, which take a cut of each card purchased to help cover operational expenses, TisBest transfers 100% of the gift card’s value to the chosen charity.



The perfect chocolates

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (51)

Recchiuti Confections Black Box 16

This perfect box of chocolates offers expertly executed flavors and an eye-popping array of shapes and textures.

Buying Options

$52 from Recchiuti Confections(16 pieces)

Chocolate is always the right gift. But for someone with a more-discerning palate, ho-hum Hershey’s or ordinary Dove chocolates simply won’t cut it. Instead, give your loved one a truly special assortment. In our evaluation of 36 different offerings for our guide to the best boxed chocolates, the Recchiuti Confections Black Box emerged as the crowd favorite, thanks to the high-quality chocolate, with inventive yet not overpowering flavors, as well as its beautiful-looking contents and packaging.

A carryall bag

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (53)

Cuyana Classic Easy Tote

This versatile, unstructured tote, made from supple Italian leather, can be cinched to create a slimmer silhouette. Or it can be left open to take full advantage of its generous capacity. But it has just one small pocket, so organization isn’t its strong point.

Buying Options

$268 from Cuyana

For the person who has everything, a tote bag that can hold everything is a perfect gift. Like Hermione Granger’s enchanted handbag, the Cuyana Classic Easy Tote seems to magically expand to easily accommodate whatever someone needs to carry. And on days when your giftee is carrying less, interior ties transform this tote into a bundled, bucket-style bag. Thanks to its short and long handle lengths, this bag can be clasped in the hand or slung over a shoulder. Either way, with its buttery-soft leather and minimalist lines, this tote is guaranteed to look chic.



The cutest vessel

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (55)

Dansk Købenstyle Butter Warmer

Don’t be fooled: This cute enameled vessel with a chubby wooden handle isn’t solely for melting butter. It also works as a mini stovetop pot, as a bowl for soup or hot cocoa, or as a ladle or scoop.

Buying Options

$48 from Food52

The person who has everything also likely has many butter-warming methods at their disposal (a microwave, a saucepan). But this cheery, vintage-looking enameled vessel is the cutest way to cook. The Dansk Købenstyle Butter Warmer holds 19 ounces, and it’s perfect for small tasks like heating up soup for one or warming a cup of hot chocolate. And the wooden handle is easy to grab, so the vessel works well for ladling tasks, too. This petite pot also looks adorable sitting on a kitchen counter.

Superb cinema

The Criterion Channel

True film aficionados will appreciate this streaming channel’s ever-changing assembly of flicks from around the world. Your film-loving friend will enjoy classics, art-house films, docs, and indies that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere.

Buying Options

Buy from The Criterion Channel

For the movie lover who has exhausted Netflix’s offerings, or for the film buff who would enjoy diving into a collection of the classics, a subscription to The Criterion Channel provides access to some of the most critically acclaimed films of all time. Among the available films are those dating back more than 100 years and others that come from virtually every corner of the globe. The channel also packages its films in creative ways—think double features paired with expert commentary, movies directed by women, and even films that fall into the category of “bad vacations.” Note that selections come and go, so the service functions more like a film festival than on-demand streaming.



Killer tequila

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (58)

La Gritona Reposado Tequila

This small-batch, sippable tequila is made by a boutique distillery staffed entirely by women.

Buying Options

If the person on your gift list imbibes, consider a bottle of this small-batch tequila from Los Angeles–based La Gritona. The reposado tequila is distilled by famed producer Melly Barajas Cárdenas at her boutique distillery in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. The resulting liquor is notably crisp and drinkable. And after a few sips, your gift recipient will surely want to chat about the details behind the booze, such as the company’s entirely female staff, the recycled glass bottles, and the leftover agave given to local farmers to use as cattle feed. Deputy editor Christine Cyr Clisset suggests sipping this tequila neat with a salt rim and a wedge of lemon or mixed into a fancy margarita.

Felted coasters

32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (60)

Graf Lantz Bierfilzl Merino Wool Felt Square Coasters

These merino wool felt coasters absorb condensation and don’t stick to damp glasses. They come round or square, in a pleasing array of colors, and in sets of four or six.

Buying Options

$42 from Graf Lantz

$42 from Amazon(set of six)

A minimalist choice on our list of favorite coasters, the Graf Lantz Bierfilzl Merino Wool Felt Coasters look cozy under wine glasses and coffee mugs, and they appear modern when stacked on a coffee table. The felt pads are absorbent, so they’re perfect for sweaty glasses. They are also especially durable and entirely compostable. Supervising editor Hannah Morrill, who has used her set for six years, says their vibrant tones haven’t faded and that coffee spills and smoothie drips have readily wiped away. (These coasters do collect dust, but your giftee can easily remedy that with a swift pass of a lint roller.) We like the rounded-square version, but the coasters also come in a round version, as well as in a variety of single-color and prismatic options.

We love finding gifts that are unusual, thoughtful, and well vetted. See even more gift ideas we recommend.

This article was edited by Hannah Morrill and Jennifer Hunter. Dorie Chevlen contributed reporting.



32 Gifts for People Who Have Everything (2024)


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Name: Van Hayes

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Introduction: My name is Van Hayes, I am a thankful, friendly, smiling, calm, powerful, fine, enthusiastic person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.