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April 4 Zodiac Sign is: Aries ♈

Those born on April 4 fall under the Zodiac sign of Aries. The energy of this day suggests a personality that is highly motivated and hardworking. Moreover, a positive mindset and organized approach allows those with this birthday to be highly effective and competent at almost anything they do. Although willful and spontaneous, they desire to build stability and security in their lives. Read on for more about the April 4 Zodiac personality.

  • Sun Decanate (March 31 – April 9) Aries-Leo ♈?
  • Astrological Symbol: The Ram
  • Element: Fire ?
  • Mode: Cardinal
  • Ruling planet: Mars ♂️
  • Body Part: Head
  • Birthstone: Diamond ?
  • Motto: “I am”
  • Lucky Numbers: 9 & 6
  • Lucky Days: Tuesday, Saturday and Friday
  • Fixed Star: Sirrah

The April 4 Zodiac Personality

Success and accomplishment are foremost among the priorities of the April 4 born person. Charismatic and generous, they are often able to gain popularity and esteem from others. At the same time they can sometimes push people away by being too blunt and forthright. For the April 4 Aries, many things can appear black and white and they are quite frank in telling it how they see it. Besides that, they are quick to form judgment and assess what they observe. Their insights are often sound and well informed.

Poised and confident, people with an April 4th birthday tend to be magnetic and easily attract admiration and attention from others. They are ambitious and aspirational yet sensible and pragmatic. Furthermore, they do not get too carried away with quixotic idealism and instead focus on what is realistically achievable. Naturally curious, the April 4 Aries has a desire to explore and experience a full life. Being the strong willed individuals they are, they may sometimes be a bit too stubborn and inflexible with others. Although they are mostly fair and reasonable they may need to develop more compassion and tact in their approach.

While the April 4 zodiac sign personality may indeed have a zest for life, they can also easily fall into addictive behaviors. Early in their lives they may have been rebellious and defiant but as they mature they learn to structure their lives more. When their sun moves into Taurus around the age of 16, they develop more interest in building financial security and material wealth. In their later years around the age of 46, when their sun moves into Gemini, the April 4th Aries will discover a special interest in communication with others and an increased appetite for learning new things. Routine and self discipline is essential in keeping their lives on the right track. As an independent thinker, they value the company of mentally stimulating people. They like to establish order and possess an inquisitive and analytical mind for understanding and solving problems.

April 4 Zodiac Career

Smart and decisive, the April 4 zodiac birthday person is likely to possess natural business sense and an ability to run and manage operations and people. In addition, they are quite clever and strategic and along with their charisma and interpersonal skills may do well in professions such as entrepreneurs, promoters and producers. Personally they have high standards but may also expect much from others as well. For this reason they may need to guard against being too demanding and hard on people.

April 4 Zodiac Love & Relationships

Energetic and bright, the April 4 zodiac person likes to associate with people who have positive energy and substance. Oftentimes, they gravitate towards people who have success and prestige because they would like that for themselves. They have good taste and may be a bit materialistic in how they express their affections, relying on gifts with a hefty price tag as an indication of their love. Finances can be a central focus in their marriages and their emotional stability may depend on how flourishing their bank account is..

Aries Sun Persona

As an Aries Sun, you are energetic, alert and full of chutzpah. Your first instinct is to act or react, oftentimes without thinking. This can make you quick on the draw but also prone to mishaps and accidents. Aries is a competitor who is attracted to challenges and any opportunity to test their courage and abilities. Being told they can’t do something only motivates them to prove they can. Moreover, they are passionate and enthusiastic but sometimes egotism and overconfidence can set them up for devastating disappointments when they fall short. Fortunately their pugnacious spirit won’t leave them feeling sorry for themselves for too long. Aries is capable of bouncing back from almost any set back with renewed determination and resolve.

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Aries Sun is a pioneer, explorer and daredevil. They are very independent and seek to do things their own way, free of other people’s influence or help. Furthermore, they tend to operate as either a leader or a loner but can still prove a highly valuable contributor as part of a team. Aries displays a certain boldness and a compulsion to confront their fears and move toward danger rather than run from it. Accordingly, they can be very heroic in the way they forge ahead demonstrating leadership and initiative that others often admire. As a fire sign, Aries emotions are intense and passionate. They tend to express themselves in an unabashedly frank and authentic way. Aries is typically unafraid to speak their mind and may often say things without much concern or consideration for people’s feelings.

Patience is not their strong suit and so it is not uncommon for Aries to get testy and lose their temper. They often take the most direct approach in going about what they are after and being denied or forced to wait for too long can infuriate them. Aries wants to make their mark and distinguish themselves from the pack. Even the quieter among them secretly want to be number one at something. They are almost always active and enjoy starting new projects and enterprises. In fact, they are fiercely loyal to the people they love and can often do a great deal for them in gallant fashion.

April 4 Zodiac – Leo/Sun sub-influence (March 31 – April 9)

Because April 4th falls under the 2nd decan of Aries, the sub-influence of Leo accentuates creativity and the need for self-expression. A flare for drama and thirst for attention can make this Aries a histrionic primadonna. They are bright, sanguine, energetic and candid. Genuine and impassioned, they wear their hearts on their sleeves and say what they really feel.

The sub-influence of the Sun/Leo decanate makes this Aries more amenable and benevolent towards others. The pugnacious and combative aspects of Aries are somewhat muted by a more dignified and self-assured decorum. At the same time, they may also be more haughty and pompous. The strength of their emotions make them lively and full of vitality.

A tendency to brag and boast about their accomplishments and connections can make them irritating at times. But they also have the capacity to laugh at themselves and are quite warm, generous and affectionate. Passion and creativity highlights their temperament and they are deeply inspired by love and beauty found in all walks of life.

The Leo/Sun decanate of Aries imbues extra swagger and a prideful nature. Whatever they do, they do it with style and flair. Competitive and possessive, they can get easily upset when they perceive someone to be infringing on their territory. They can be very volatile when upset however, their sense of pride will often prevent them from acting out immediately or showing their indignation outright.

April 4 Zodiac Numerology

The significance of being born on the 4th imputes the attributes and qualities of the number 4. Moreover, the energy of the number 4 is that of stability and orderliness. People born on such a day are therefore presented as organized, pragmatic and self-disciplined. They are hard working and seek to establish stability both in their lives and that of others. Patient and meticulous, people born on the 4th are inclined to be excellent planners as well who can coordinate and manage people and events.

In spite of Aries being an impetuous fire sign, practicality and persistence characterize those born on the 4th of any month. They can be quite physical and enjoy working with their hands to build and craft. Because they are motivated by purpose, fruitless frivolities and activities are not enough to interest them. Staying productive with meaningful pursuits is what keeps them happy and fulfilled. Furthermore, they can often become workaholics when passionate about what they do. People with a 4 birthday are rarely idle and they are good at finding constructive projects to pursue.

Consequently, technical and mechanical skills are likely to be manifested in those with a number 4 birthday. They often have a keen sense of form and structure and a strong ability for understanding how things fit together. Those with a number 4 birthday can also thrive in the world of business and banking. They can be very shrewd and calculating and will often make decisions that err on the side of caution and fiscal prudence.

Although they are not very sentimental and saccharine in temperament, number 4 people are nonetheless loyal and may care strongly for the people around them. They are highly dependable and responsible in nature. Others can count on them to do what is expected and needed. Fours are often well prepared and able to deal with daunting and complicated tasks that require a structured and methodical approach. Full of determination and drive, the number 4 person is able to apply great will power toward the fulfillment of their goals and objectives.

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The significance of a number 4 birthday also indicates a personality that is conventional and security-conscious. Although brave and spontaneous, they do not take unnecessary and fool hardy risks when they don’t need to. By and large, they focus on developing strong foundations and establishing law and order. They are typically honest and direct but also stubborn and undiplomatic. A lack of tact and willingness to compromise may result in many clashes with others. Although they are often fair and judicious they number 4 personality may need to guard against being too ruthless and uncompassionate.

Positive Traits:


Self Discipline


Hard Working






Negative Traits:

Destructive Behavior

Uncommunicative of Feelings








Fixed Star for April 4 Birthday: Sirrah

Fixed stars are essentially distant suns far outside the reach of our solar system. They constitute the constellations and ancient cosmologists regarded them as having significance in earthly events and weather phenomena.

The fixed star for the April 3 zodiac sign is Sirrah. Sirrah signifies positive relations and social popularity. Additionally, it imparts a congenial and likable manner that engenders trust and goodwill from others. Individuals with this birthday are likely to benefit from wealth, good judgement and an honorable reputation. They are highly attractive in more ways than one and they are able to achieve what they want so long as they are clear about their objectives.

Facts About Aries:

♈The planetary ruler of Aries is Mars. Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun and the second-smallest in the Solar System after Mercury. Named after the Roman god of war, Mars is often described as the “Red Planet” due to its reddish appearance.

♈In Roman mythology, Mars represented military power as a way to secure peace, and was a fabled father of the Roman people. In the mythic genealogy and founding myths of Rome, Mars was the father of Romulus and Remus with Rhea Silvia.

Mars was the Roman god of war and second only to Jupiter in the Roman pantheon. Although most of the myths involving the god were borrowed from the Greek god of war Ares, Mars, was considered more level-headed than the often impulsive and disruptive Ares. The god was also closely associated with the wolf and woodpecker.

Aries is one of the constellations of the zodiac. It is located in the northern celestial hemisphere between Pisces to the west and Taurus to the east. The name Aries is Latin for ram, and its symbol is, representing a ram’s horns.

♈The Aries constellation is a mid-sized constellation, ranking 39th overall size, with an area of 441 square degrees (1.1% of the celestial sphere).

♈In Greek myth, Aries is identified with the golden ram that rescued Phrixus and took him to Colchis, where he sacrificed the ram to the gods. The ram’s skin that he placed in a temple was the Golden Fleece, which later appears in the story of Jason and the Argonauts.

♈The astrology sign of Aries is ruled by The Emperor Tarot card.

♈The opposite zodiac sign of Aries is Libra. Libra is associated with charisma, harmony, fairness, romanticism and relations with other people.

♈Aries is a Fire Element sign along with that of Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs are intense, passionate and forceful. They are action oriented and possess powerful drives that can be both creative and destructive.

Facts Related To April 4 Zodiac:

  • April 4 is the 94th day of the year (95th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 271 days remaining until the end of the year.
  • April 4, 1581 – Francis Drake knighted by Queen Elizabeth I aboard Golden Hind at Deptford.
  • April 4, 1655 – Battle at Postage Farina, Tunis: English fleet beats Barbary pirates.
  • April 4,1789 – 1st US Congress begins regular sessions during George Washington’s presidency at Federal Hall, NYC (ending 1791).
  • April 4,1949 – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) treaty signed in Washington, D.C.
  • April 4,1968 – US civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • April 4,1973 – World Trade Center, then the world’s tallest building, opens in New York (110 stories).
  • April 4,1975 – Microsoft is founded as a partnership between Bill Gates and Paul Allen to develop and sell BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800.

April 4 Zodiac Birthday Compatibility

Love & friendship:

  • Jan. 8, 14, 17, 20
  • Feb. 6, 15, 18, 20, 22
  • Mar. 4, 13, 16, 18, 20
  • Apr. 2, 11, 14, 16, 18
  • May 9, 12, 14, 16
  • Jun. 7, 10, 12, 14
  • Jul. 5, 8, 10, 12, 30


  • Jan. 30
  • Feb. 8, 28
  • Mar. 26
  • Apr. 24
  • May 22
  • Jun. 20
  • Jul. 18

Famous April 4 Birthdays

Heath Ledger (April 4, 1979 – January 22, 2008) was an Australian actor. After appearing in television roles during the 1990s, Ledger developed a Hollywood career. He starred in both critical and financial successes, including The Patriot, Monster’s Ball and Brokeback Mountain (for which he received an Academy Award nomination), and completed the role of The Joker in the forthcoming The Dark Knight.

Robert John Downey, Jr. (born April 4, 1965 in New York) is an American actor who made his screen debut at the age of five, appearing in his father’s film Pound. He has appeared in roles associated with the Brat Pack, such as Less Than Zero and Weird Science.

Maya Angelou (born Marguerite Annie Johnson; April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014) was an African-American author, poet, dancer, actress and singer. She published seven autobiographies, three books of essays, and several books of poetry, and was credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows spanning more than 50 years.

Jamie Lynn Spears (born April 4, 1991) is an American Actor, and the younger sister of pop star Britney Spears. She is best known for starring in the Nickelodeon television series Zoey 101, as Zoey Brooks, the main character of the show.

David Blaine (born David Blaine White on April 4, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York, USA) is an American illusionist and stunt performer. He made his name as a performer of street and close-up magic. His father was Spanish-Puerto Rican and his mother, Patrice White, was of Jewish and Russian origin.

Anthony Perkins (April 4, 1932 – September 12, 1992) was an Academy Award-nominated American stage and screen actor known for his role as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchco*ck’s Psycho. Early life Perkins was born in New York City, the son of Janet Esseltyn Rane and stage and film actor James Ripley Osgood Perkins.

(source: astrotheme.com)

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