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Grand Theft Auto V and its online version GTA Online are undoubtedly one of the most played and streamed video games of the present era. GTA Online is certainly ruling the gaming industry, with millions of players worldwide. To add the cherry on top, Rockstar Games has introduced Social Club to connect GTA fans across the planet. Today there is a whole GTA community on the internet, and players today play GTA in crews.

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As a new player, you can not only join a crew, but you can also create your own crew to play with your friends. While making a crew, GTA allows you to select various custom settings for your crew. You can have your crew logo, and you can even have a signature color for your crew. This guide will discuss the Best GTA Modded Crew Colors in GTA V.

Key Takeaways

  • Millions of users worldwide can connect using many features available in GTA 5. Players can create or join crews to make their in-game communities and do missions together.
  • Crews can be made with specific personalized settings. Moreover, GTA regularly updates the leaderboards to list the best crews in the game, making players strive harder to be ranked above others.
  • In the Online section of the Pause Menu in GTA 5, players can find the option of searching for a crew. Players can request to join any crew they want while the moderators of the crew will decide whether you will be allowed.
  • You can create a crew on the Rockstar Social Club website. Logging into your account will allow you to create a crew in the top menu. Choose your favorite settings, and you will soon be your crew leader.
  • You can assign specific colors to make your crew appealing and stand out. While many options are already available in the Crew Color Option in the Edit Crew menu, you can create new and unique colors of your choice.
  • Players can find codes for customized crew colors online for their crews in GTA 5 and paste them in the hashtag bar from the Inspect menu.
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The crew concept has also brought a sense of competition to the GTA community because the top crews worldwide are also featured on the leaderboard. So each crew wants to top the charts and stand out from the community.

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Crews In GTA V

GTA Online and the Social Club from Rockstar Games have united all the GTA geeks from all across the world on a single platform as GTA Online allows the players to play in groups called crews. Each crew, like any organization, has its complete hierarchy having Leaders, Lieutenants, Commissioners, etc., and all of them have unique responsibilities and possess a degree of power over the crew.

Moreover, if you have joined a crew just as a player, then as you complete missions and get rewards, your ranks get upgraded continuously in the crew. You can join crews of other players and create your crews to interact with the vast GTA community online and play with them.

Joining A Crew

Joining a Crew in Grand Theft Auto Online is a great way to interact with other GTA geeks from all across the globe and spice up your gaming experience. You can also join your friends‘ crews and play alongside them, assisting each other in various activities and missions.

To search and join crews in GTA 5, follow these simple steps:

  • Pause the Game
  • In the pause menu, go to the “Online” section
  • In the menu on the left, select the “Crew” option
  • In this section, you will be able to search for new crews and join them

Creating A Crew

Creating your crew allows you to select all the preferences of the crew of your choice. You have complete control over the settings of your crew. You can choose the Crew Color, targeting mode, crew emblem, and everything of your own choice and play on your own terms.

To create your crew in GTA 5, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Rockstar Social Club website
  • After logging into your Social Club account, click the Crew option in the top menu
  • In the Crew menu, select the “Create Crew” option
  • A webpage will open that will ask you all the different settings and preferences for your crew
  • Fill out these details, and you will have your crew with you as the Crew Leader

How To Get Modded Crew Colors In GTA V

When you are creating your crew, filling out the credentials and selecting your crew preferences, you are also asked to select your crew color. In the vast open world of GTA Online, you surely want your crew to be prominent and dominant and stand out from the crowd.

So you will be looking for the most fabulous colors for your crew. Social Club gives you a color slider to choose the color of your choice.

These colors are Ok, but if you want something extraordinary, then we got you covered because we are here with some of the most unique modded crew colors for you. But to select these modded crew colors, you need to follow these steps:

  • You cannot modify your crew in the game, so you will need to go to the Rockstar Social Club website
  • In the Crews section, go to the My Crews
  • From the list of your crews, select any crew that you want to edit
  • In the crew menu, go to the Edit Crew option
  • Right at almost the start of the page, there will be a Crew Color option and a color box, but it doesn’t give you the choice of modded colors
  • To get a modded color right, click on the Color Bar and from the menu, click on “Inspect.”
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  • On the side of your browser window, the Inspect section will open, and a particular portion will be highlighted
  • Just a little below that will be a hashtag and a bunch of numbers; it is the color code for your crew.
Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (4)
  • Copy the color codes we have given in the below section and paste them here
  • Then on the webpage, click the Save this Crew option
  • You are all done here

After following these steps, you will have applied your favorite modded crew color, and the changes will apply when you reload the game. The new session of the game will start with your modded crew color.

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors

You can add your own cool customized modded colors to GTA Online as crew colors. Here are some cool modded crew colors and their color codes for you.

Electric Ultramarine

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (5)

Deep Violet

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (6)

Cobalt Blue

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (7)

Kombu Green

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (8)

Philippine Gold

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (9)

Neon Purple

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (10)

Light Violet

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (11)

Faded Pink

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (12)

Subtle Orange

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (13)

Light Mint

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (14)

Electric Ultramarine

Hex# 4900FFAA

The blue color with a shade of pink will make you stand out from the rest. Copy the hex code and paste it according to the guidelines given above to enjoy this amazing and attractive color on your crew.

Deep Violet

Hex# 28006DFF

It resembles the above-mentioned Electric Ultramarine in GTA 5. You can choose either of these, but one thing is certain: these modded crew colors will make you appear most prominent in a group.

Cobalt Blue

Hex# 003EB3AA

Giving your cars a real sporty look, Cobalt Blue is one of our personal favorite Modded Crew colors in GTA 5. Copy the hex code and claim your right to this unique color for your crew.

Philippine Gold

Hex# AF6605AA

Philippine Gold is a very noticeable color, and it grabs players’ attention from some distance. It mostly suits Sports cars and sometimes SUVs also. Make sure to further customize your vehicles after putting on this crew color in GTA 5.

Neon Purple

Hex# fdOOffAA

Don’t let society’s stereotypical standards affect your decision when you get to use Neon Purple as your primary crew color in GTA 5. Its magnificent color will make all your vehicles more noticeable in traffic.

Light Violet

Hex# 847OFF

Light Violet is another of the best colors for your crew in GTA 5. We especially love it on our sports car. It may not get you much attention in public, but it is an elegant choice. Copy and paste the hex code to claim this color for your crew.

Speaking of the sports car, you can check out our guide on the fastest sports cars in GTA V to apply these unique crew colors and flaunt your interests around Los Santos.

Faded Pink

Hex# 916d8c0

Like Light Violet, Faded Pink is a beautiful crew color in GTA 5. The simplicity of the color is filled with the fury of performance. Putting it on your supercars will give them a sick look. It is undoubtedly the best-modded crew color in GTA 5.

Subtle Orange

Hex# FF6347

This hex code lets you award your crew a weirdly attractive color in GTA 5. While it might not be to everyone’s taste, subtle orange is still a good choice if you want unique modded crew colors in GTA 5.

Light Mint

Hex# 6FD3B700

Light Mint is one of the luxury-modded crew colors in GTA 5. It can significantly improve the looks of an already beautiful supercar, giving it an aesthetically cool vibe. Customizing your car further in Los Santos Customs to change its rims after applying this crew color will make it look more attractive in GTA 5.

Red Racer

Hex# Ff00Ff

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (15)

This modded crew color will set the tracks on fire once you step on them with your vehicles. Red racer is a sharp color, and choosing it for your crew shows your aggressive approach in competitive areas.

Bumble Bee

Hex# 4d4002aa

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (16)

If you are a fan of Transformers, then you will love this modded crew color in GTA 5. Your crew will certainly grab some attention with the Bumble Bee color in the game now, only if you can transform your car into an alien machine. But you never know if such an update is around the corner.

Frosty Purple

Hex# 947fFfaa

If you and your crew are fans of classic trucks, then frosty purple is one of the best modded crew colors you can get in GTA 5. Invest some money in improving the vehicle’s performance to do justice to the vehicle’s looks.

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (17)

Rabbit Green

Hex# 495146aa

The Rabbit Green color will make your vintage cars look more decent and classic in GTA 5. Make sure you customize the vehicle’s wheels with black rims to make the contrast more apparent.

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (18)

Santa Claus Red

Hex# 300005aa

Santa Claus Red is another modded crew color in GTA 5 that will make your crew stand out due to its sharp and luminous spectrum. It is mainly for those crews who have more SUVs in their collection.

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (19)

Big Black

Hex# 000000FF

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (20)

Black color already has a fan following inside and outside of the game. However, the Big Black is a deadly variant, and it could be an excellent choice for the crew color in GTA 5. Use it especially if you have classic cars, and customize the rims to any red color to make the contrast even more appealing.

Lovely Lilac

Hex# 2F2B3BAA

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (21)

Lovely Lilac is a soft and silky modded crew color in GTA 5. It is a shade of purple color but less sharp and denser, giving it a smooth look. Copy and paste the hex code above to get this color for your crew.

Gecko Green Pearl

Hex# 303e11aa

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (22)

Anyone who loves to customize the looks of their cars will love this unique modded crew color in GTA 5. Gecko Green Pearl looks stunning on modified sports and classic cars in GTA 5.

Pfister Pink

Hex# 642e38aa

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (23)

Pfister Pink is another modded crew color for you if you like dense colors in GTA 5. Moreover, it is a pretty common color for supercars in real life.


Hex# 183e0faa

Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (24)

Goldilocks is a luxury-modded crew color in GTA 5. It can make your already expensive SUVs in GTA 5 look even more expensive, rare, and luxurious. The strong color also symbolizes authority and can considerably make your crew look more in charge of the situation.

So here we have shown you some of the best GTA modded crew colors you can apply to your vehicles to stand out from the crowd. In the above section, we have shown you a display of the colors along with their color codes. Add these codes in the Inspect menu as explained in the “Getting Modded Crew Colors” section above.

Now you can easily customize your cars and businesses in GTA world to represent your crew and stay above the leaderboards. Speaking of customization, if you are seeking sports car customization for your crew emblem, then you can consider our GTA 5 Ocelot Pariah best customization guide.

If you are into customizing your crews, you will surely want to customize your character in GTA Online and have a cool costume to stand out from the crowd. We have compiled a list of many cool costume ideas for you. Why don’t you check out our guide on Best Halloween Costumes in GTA 5.

Social Club from the Rockstar Games has given Grand Theft Auto players a sense of community worldwide by providing a common platform. Players form crews and assist each other in the missions to earn rewards and reputations.

Even the best crews get worldwide recognition through the Social Club website. So each crew wants to have its signature look, and GTA allows them to mod and customize their crews.

In this guide, we have explained some of the best GTA Modded Crew Color ideas. We hope it has been helpful to you.

What do you think of our guide? Do let us know in the comments below.

And while you are here, check out our guide on HOW TO GET IMPOUNDED CAR BACK IN GTA 5 ONLINE.

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Best GTA Modded Crew Colors [Top 29] | Gamesual (2024)
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