Central Fill Pharmacy Operations Manager, Pharmacy - Health & Wellness Non-Store Operations (Pharmacist License Required) (2024)

Position Summary...

What you'll do...

Position: Onsite

License Required: Indiana

Shift - Day Shift

The Operations Manager, Pharmacy - Central Fill (Non-Store Operations) is responsible for developing and implementing a business plan for their area of responsibility. They oversee operational improvements, staffing, and workload forecasts, and analyze business reports. They manage both front and back-end pharmacy operations, ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining inventory levels. They provide supervision and development opportunities for associates, promote diversity and inclusion, and support quality improvement in patient care. They also drive the execution of business plans, promote company policies, and ensure business needs are met.

Drives, develops, and implements the business plan for an assigned area of responsibility to achieve facility goals (for example, production, quality, safety). Implements operational improvements. Forecasts staffing, workloads, and performance results to meet business demands. Prepares, reviews, and analyzes business reports. Uses information to identify operational improvements (for example, production, quality, safety).

Manages Walmart Central Fill Pharmacy front and back-end operations by monitoring pharmacists' licenses and certifications. Assists in pharmacy training. Supervises pharmacists and pharmacy associates to ensure optimal workflow. Evaluates and responds to customer service and satisfaction issues.

Maintains proper inventory levels to maximize prescription fulfillment by monitoring on-hand levels and prescription trends. Collaborates with Home Office Replenishment to forecast current and future needs.

Assists with optimizing cost per prescription by managing workflow capability. Conducts business planning. Balances forecasted volume with scheduled payroll hours. Manages individual key performance indicators to ensure associate productivity.

Supports the Senior Pharmacy Manager in conducting strategic and tactical planning and implementation within the facility.

Assists with ensuring the pharmacy complies with company standards and applicable state and federal laws (for example, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)) by maintaining awareness of relevant laws and regulations. Assesses current practice and procedures. Makes operational improvements to ensure compliance.

Obtains and successfully renews multiple state pharmacist permits/registrations/licenses and training as necessary, in the appropriate timeframes, to meet board of pharmacy regulations, payer requests, or internal needs for the provision of services to our patients.

Provides supervision and development opportunities for associates by selecting and training, mentoring, assigning duties, and building a team-based work environment. Establishes performance expectations and conducts regular performance evaluations. Provides recognition and rewards. Coaches for success and improvement.

Promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Promotes and supports company policies, procedures, mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity by training and providing direction to others in their use and application.

Utilizes and supports the Open Door Policy. Investigates and ensures associate, patient, and business partner concerns are resolved, consulting others when needed.

Ensures continuous quality improvement in patient care and pharmacy clinical services by training pharmacists and pharmacy associates on standard operating procedures and quality improvement (QI) initiatives. Monitors and evaluates pharmacy performance on quality initiatives and patient outcomes. Implements policies for the quality delivery of clinical services. Identifies opportunities for improvement. Recommends improvements and solutions to Health and Wellness QI.

Drives the execution of multiple business plans and projects by identifying customer and operational needs; developing and communicating business plans and priorities; removing barriers and obstacles that impact performance; providing resources; identifying performance standards; measuring progress and adjusting performance accordingly; developing contingency plans; and demonstrating adaptability and supporting continuous learning.

Provides supervision and development opportunities for associates by selecting and training; mentoring; assigning duties; building a team-based work environment; establishing performance expectations and conducting regular performance evaluations; providing recognition and rewards; coaching for success and improvement; and ensuring diversity awareness.

Promotes and supports company policies, procedures, mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity by training and providing direction to others in their use and application; ensuring compliance with them; and utilizing and supporting the Open Door Policy.

Ensures business needs are being met by evaluating the ongoing effectiveness of current plans, programs, and initiatives; consulting with business partners, managers, co-workers, or other key stakeholders; soliciting, evaluating, and applying suggestions for improving efficiency and cost effectiveness; and participating in and supporting community outreach events.


Live our Values
Culture Champion
• Models the Walmart values to foster our culture; holds oneself and others accountable; and supports Walmart’s commitment to communities, social justice, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability; maintains and promotes the highest standards of integrity, ethics and compliance.

Servant Leadership
• Acts as an altruistic servant leader and is consistently humble, self-aware, honest, and transparent.
Embrace Change

Curiosity & Courage
• Demonstrates curiosity and a growth mindset; fosters an environment that supports learning, innovation, and intelligent risk-taking; and exhibits resilience in the face of setbacks.

Digital Transformation & Change
• Seeks and implements continuous improvements and encourages the team to leverage new digital tools and ways of working.

Deliver for the Customer
Customer Focus
• Delivers expected business results while putting the customer first and consistently applying an omni-merchant mindset and the EDLP and EDLC business models to all plans.

Strategic Thinking
• Adopts a holistic perspective that considers data, analytics, customer insights, and different parts of the business when making plans and shaping the team’s strategy.

Focus on our Associates
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
• Identifies, attracts, and retains diverse and inclusive team members; builds a high-performing team; embraces diversity in all its forms; and actively supports diversity goal programs.

Collaboration & Influence
• Builds strong and trusting relationships with team members and business partners; works collaboratively and cross-functionally to achieve objectives; and communicates with energy and positivity to motivate, influence, and inspire commitment and action.

Talent Management
• Creates a discipline and focus around developing talent, promotes an environment allowing everyone to bring their best selves to work, empowers associates and partners to act in the best interest of the customer and company, and regularly recognizes others’ contributions and accomplishments.

At Walmart, we offer competitive pay as well as performance-based bonus awards and other great benefits for a happier mind, body, and wallet. Health benefits include medical, vision and dental coverage. Financial benefits include 401(k), stock purchase and company-paid life insurance. Paid time off benefits include PTO (including sick leave), parental leave, family care leave, bereavement, jury duty, and voting. Other benefits include short-term and long-term disability, company discounts, Military Leave Pay, adoption and surrogacy expense reimbursem*nt, and more.

You will also receive PTO and/or PPTO that can be used for vacation, sick leave, holidays, or other purposes. The amount you receive depends on your job classification and length of employment. It will meet or exceed the requirements of paid sick leave laws, where applicable.

For information about PTO, see https://one.walmart.com/notices.

Live Better U is a Walmart-paid education benefit program for full-time and part-time associates in Walmart and Sam's Club facilities. Programs range from high school completion to bachelor's degrees, including English Language Learning and short-form certificates. Tuition, books, and fees are completely paid for by Walmart.

Eligibility requirements apply to some benefits and may depend on your job classification and length of employment. Benefits are subject to change and may be subject to a specific plan or program terms.

For information about benefits and eligibility, see One.Walmart.

The annual salary range for this position is $79,000.00-$169,000.00

Additional compensation includes annual or quarterly performance bonuses.

Additional compensation for certain positions may also include:

- Regional Pay Zone (RPZ) (based on location)

- Sales Volume Category (SVC) (based on facility sales volume)

- Complex Structure (based on external factors that create challenges)

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or PharmD and 2 years’ experience in pharmacy.
Active pharmacist license, in good standing, in state of practice.

Preferred Qualifications...

Outlined below are the optional preferred qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no preferred qualifications.

Retail, central fill, or mail order pharmacy

Primary Location...

2501 PERRY RD, PLAINFIELD, IN 46168-7418, United States of America

Central Fill Pharmacy Operations Manager, Pharmacy - Health & Wellness Non-Store Operations (Pharmacist License Required) (2024)
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