Diggy’s Adventure Tips & Strategy Guide to Solve More Mysteries - Level Winner (2024)

Diggy’s Adventure is a fantastic new game from Pixel Federation that comes with over a thousand riddles, over 500 labyrinths to escape from, and more than 100 funny characters you can interact with, over five different locations. In this Android and iOS game, you play Diggy, an intrepid explorer whose father, who happens to work the same job, has gone missing. With the other characters in the game, you will get to explore ancient civilizations, dig through the mines, and acquire different items that are all designed to help you in the game. There’s also a bit of base-building and RPG mechanics here, as you can decorate your camps, craft new items, or cook ingredients as you embark on a quest to save your father.

This is quite a deep game where most of the game mechanics revolve around time, or a lack thereof. This isn’t the game for those who like to take it easy and think things out carefully, but you don’t need to worry if you’re concerned this game may be a bit too challenging for your liking. Read on, as we shall now present to you our complete strategy guide for Diggy’s Adventure, which mostly focuses on the basics of exploring and energy utilization, but also includes a few helpful tips for experienced explorers.

1. Use Your Energy Wisely

The one thing you have to remember about this game is that you have to conserve your energy, and spend it the right way. You will need to use it nonetheless so that you can keep yourself busy, but it also pays to be efficient, and to avoid doing any unnecessary things. Look carefully around you, and map out the route of your dig, or you’ll only end up digging up blocks you don’t need to dig. That’s a waste of energy, as it’s only feasible to dig additional blocks if you’re sure there’s a jar or chest behind them, with freebies inside which you can claim.

2. Buildings Are Also About Energy

We weren’t lying when we said that energy is the one variable underpinning most of the in-game mechanics in Diggy’s Adventure. Energy still plays a role when it comes to the types of buildings you can set up at camp. The first type increases your maximum energy capacity, while the second type allows for faster regeneration.

Buildings can be placed wherever you wish, but there are some buildings which you can only set up so often in the game. It’s best to set up a lot of energy storage buildings if you’re heading off to bed, or are expecting to be away from the game for some time. While actively playing, however, it may be better to balance the buildings in camp between both types.

3. Open The Chests And Jars

In addition to conserving your energy when playing Diggy’s Adventure, you should make the most out of the chests and jars you see. We did say above that they come with free stuff inside, and if you’re wondering what those goodies are, they’re food items which can be consumed if you want to recover some of your energy. Make sure to have a quick bite if you’re close to uncovering something important, but not sure whether you have it in you to get to the bottom of that discovery. In addition to basic food items, you can find crafting materials, cooking ingredients, and other items that will be of good use to you in the game.

4. Be On The Lookout For Secret Passages

It won’t be an adventure game worth its salt if it didn’t have secret paths, right? Fortunately, Diggy’s Adventure does come with some secret passages, which you may be able to discover blocks that can be dug away from the walls. Walking near those blocks could tell you if they can be dug away, though most of the time, you just need to keep your eyes peeled. You will also know if a wall can be broken down if you see a number over it.

Once you’ve broken down the wall and made it through the secret passage, you will usually find a few chests, which, once again, come with tons of freebies inside.

5. Keep Your Camp Busy

Your Kitchen, Caravan Outpost, and other buildings in your camp should always have something going on. Free up facilities before you start your digging, and set up a lot of dishes to be cooked, as the food cooked in your kitchen would typically be more satisfying than the random scraps of food you find while exploring caves. Yes, it’s pretty much like it is in real life, so make sure your camp is doing something at all times!

That’s it for now, as far as our list of tips and tricks for Diggy’s Adventure is concerned. Do you know more hints for the game? Let us know in the comment section!

Diggy’s Adventure Tips & Strategy Guide to Solve More Mysteries - Level Winner (2024)


How to get free gems in Diggy's Adventure? ›

Daily 2 gems can be found when claiming a maximum of 99 wallpost rewards. That's why sharing as many diggy posts on your wall as possible and clicking the link is something that gives benefits. Click on the Wallposts to get a reward.

How do you unlock Atlantis in Diggy's Adventure? ›

To get to Atlantis you need to complete all main, god's, and fathers quests in China. As with each step up in region, the tiles are significantly more energy intensive than the ones in the previous region.

How to play diggy? ›

Use the on-screen joystick on the right to aim Diggy's drill, and use the on-screen joystick on the left to drill in that direction. Tap E to activate Diggy's radar and locate hidden objects, then drill to them and pick them up.

How do you use dynamite in Diggy's Adventure? ›

Tap on the dynamite and choose the spot near the area that you would like to clear. After placing the dynamite, you will see the highlighted area showing which obstacles will be removed. Dynamite becomes available after starting your adventure at Madeline's house ("Stan Fogg's First Clue" expedition on the game map).

Why won't Diggy work? ›

You may also try using a different browser. Lastly, the loading also depends on the speed and quality of your internet connection. Sometimes, however, a simple reboot of your router helps get the game up and running. If you have any other issues or suggestions for our game, feel free to contact us via our support.

How do I get the fate of Atlantis quest? ›

The Fate of Atlantis Before you can explore the sunken city, you need to complete Between Two Worlds and The Heir of Memories. This will allow you to access the Fields of Elysium, The Torment of Hades and Judgement of Atlantis episodes.

How do I start the gate of Atlantis quest? ›

The Gates of Atlantis is part of the main quest line, unlocked after completing Unified Front, then A Family's Legacy.

How to get more energy in Diggy's Adventure? ›

Energy Generation
  1. Be active, and change your underground camp set-up often, and make it fit your daily schedule. ...
  2. Upgrade your equipment! ...
  3. Higher regions have much better equipment and reaching high regions fast can be a game strategy (Rushing).
  4. Buy equipment with Event tokens.
  5. Purchase equipment in sales.

What does diggy mean? ›

1. Diggy is urban slang that means a friend - usually when someone is getting excited. "Whoa there, diggy!

Where are the lucky cards in Diggy's Adventure? ›

Lucky Cards Tent

These rewards can be claimed via the Pink Tent in your camp. For this feature to work you should disable any adblockers for the game sites. The feature unlocks after the first Isis Quest "Continue the Adventure" ; Mine Small Cave System.

Is there a Diggy 2? ›

Diggy 2: Mystery of the Moon's Center is a skill game that has you navigating through the interior layers of the Moon and mining all sorts of precious gems. Dig as hard as you can, buy upgrades, and reach the core!

Is there a way to get free gems in COC? ›

Unfortunately, we can't offer any Gems even if they were spent by mistake. The benefit you get from spending Gems is yours to keep, and we cannot roll it back. Giving players back Gems that were spent by mistake would not be fair to other players.

How do you earn gems rewards? ›

You can collect GEMS Points in the following three ways:
  1. Providing a successful referral under the GEMS Ambassador programme.
  2. Booking a flight or hotel or purchasing a gift card on the app.
  3. Redeeming a GEMS Points earning offer via the GEMS Rewards App.

How do you get more gems in dash adventures? ›

How do I earn or get free Gems?
  1. Check Daily Deals every day for a chance to find free Gems!
  2. You can watch ads or participate in offers to earn Gems.
  3. Complete a whole Chapter of To Do List Tasks to earn bonus Gems.
  4. Buy Upgrades to earn Gems, piggy banks, and more.

How do you get free gems on Diner Dash adventures? ›

Complete a whole Chapter of To Do List Tasks to earn bonus Gems. Buy Upgrades to earn Gems, piggy banks, and more. Sometimes, happy customers will send you Gems in your Mailbox. Keep playing new levels and finishing To Do List tasks to unlock these prizes.

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