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It would be ordinary, fast and easy mission, Nick Furry told them. Good advice: don’t trust Nick Furry when he says that mission will be easy. In general, don’t trust him at all, to be one hundred percent sure.

There was a report of strange anomaly in the old, abandoned, but not really, building of the old company. Peter didn’t know its name, but since it wasn’t his main problem he didn’t care. Since it was going to be fast and easy mission, it was just Spider-Man and Nova that were controlling it. There is no use to send all of you, Furry claimed. Apparently, work team, that had been so appreciated earlier, could be put in the corner and ignored.

When the hot, dazzling ball of light, that wasn’t one of Sam’s, flew pass Peter, he swore he would speak his mind to Furry, once they finished it. He had to jump away to avoid next one and he still was in air when Sam fired this guy with his own pulses. What a shame it didn’t work so well that they could give him to Furry’s hands and call it a day.

This guy was new with his light, electric suit that remined Electro but in the same time was different. At least, Peter had never seen him before and he saw a lot of strange guys that would like to kick his ass. This one was very determined to do it, apparently furious at them for interrupting him what he was doing.

What was he doing? It was a good question that Peter would like to know the answer to, but between all these shoots he didn’t have a time to ask.

Second Electro fired two balls in the same time, in the opposite direction. Sam flew higher and answered his own ones, shooting a few of them one by one. Peter moved to avoid it – it wasn’t even close, man! – and shot a webs to tie him up. Second Electro easily avoided all of it, stopping last of the pulse with his hand. The energy made hissing sound and disappeared. Peter's webs didn't even touch him.

A few shots later they didn’t get closer to defeat him. When Peter was jumping across the room, he noticed that one of the machine located in it switched on. He had bad feelings about it.

Sam shot more powerful pulse and almost shouted in frustration, when he saw no effects of it. He gritted his teeth and tried again, this time shooting at ground under the guy. It worked better for a while. When he was distracted, Peter had a time to tie him up. Apparently, the guy was strong. He threw a brief glance at his legs, his face seemed to brighten more and he grabbed the web and pulled it. Peter had no time to react and would fly in his direction if Sam didn't cut the line. Then Peter had to act like his landing was planned and full of grace.

So it didn’t work as they planned, but it made the guy more angry. What a joy. It didn’t last long until he hit the ground with both hand making sparks on all area. Peter hardly had time to jump and grab Sam to avoid them and both of them had no time at all to avoid a grip of guy. Apparently, he was able to stretch his body, Peter noticed, when one massive hand surrounded him and Sam in the same time. It felt like you would touch electrical outlet with the wet hand. Peter didn't reccomend it.

Before they reacted, Second Electro quickly moved them so they were above the round machine that reminded a tunnel. Instead of seeing dark, Peter saw the white light in it.

One second later and they were threw in it.


“You’re alive?”

Peter felt poke in the arm but he ignored it. He quickly put himself in order and looked around. They were in a big arena, next magazine, he supposed. It wasn’t so different than last one and he didn’t see any machine on the floor closest to them. Since it was dark, he couldn’t see much. Sam’s light could only help so much.

Apparently they were alone in the building. Peter quickly controlled his communicator, but it turned out to be destroyed. Sam’s the same.

“Go on.” Sam flew to one of the big window under the ceiling. “He couldn’t escape far away.”

Peter sent him a doubtful sight, hoping that his lenses showed it through his mask. As he didn’t see another option he followed him. Anyway, they had to give the report to Furry.

Once Peter saw the city, he knew they wasn’t at New York anymore. This city was dark, full of pollutions and had a weird smell. They passed a few building. During the way he heard police signals and he could bet he saw reflection of red and blue lights on the buildings on left. Sam noticed it too, as he turned his face to this direction.

“Should we help?”

Generally, they dealt with “bigger” cases than ordinary men. However, when it was needed, they cooperated with police with “smaller” ones. They usually got the message on their communicators, but since theirs were destroyed in this moment, they had to rely on their own decision.

Peter shook his head. “I don’t think so. They will make it on their own.” He passed another building. “Something is strange.”

Sam stopped and hovered in the air. “Oh really?” He crossed his arms, visibly looking at the gargoyle at the nearest building. “I bet I’d seen less gargoyles in whole my life than I saw a last few minutes.”

When Peter stopped next to one of this gargoyles, since he couldn't levitate in the air, a few pictures flashed before Peter’s eyes. His alternative versions, alternative worlds… Was it the same situation?

“I think we could land in alternative universe.” He carefully chose the words he spoke.

Sam sent him a questioning look, but didn’t comment it. Between them, it was him who had a bigger experience with it. Well, he wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t say anything.

“Right, let’s find more evidence first. As well we could be kidnapped and just transferred to another city.”

Huh, this one time he had a good point. “So what city it is?”

Sam bit his lip and looked around. “Dunno.”

“Maybe we should ask?” Peter looked down, but he didn’t notice anyone. “Huh, New York isn’t empty at this hour.”

He rubbed his arms. The air here was cold and it was blewing. Unfortunately, he had no luck to have the suit that protected from it, unlike Sam.

“Come here.” He threw him a glare.

“Why? No one sees me, you said it, everywhere is empty!”

“Apart from the police that is going under you.”

“What?” He looked down, thinking he was kidding. He was not. Apparently he skipped the moment when the signals got closer to them.

In the moment he moved his head, the chased car “passed” him and police cars was right after him.


Sam turned to him, when he didn’t hear anything more articulate. “What else?”

Peter pointed out at his left site using his head, so Sam followed it. First it was hard to notice, but eventually he saw an outline of the speeding car. He could swear that its shape reminded him a bat. The car disappeared behind the building but quickly it came back and appeared on the street of police chase.

“Police here has a strange style.” Sam muttered under his breath.

They observed the situation. The chased one had to notice dark car, because he took a sharp turn – even Sam, who didn’t have an enhanced hearing, was able to hear the squeal of tires – and eventually all of them disappeared from duet’s sight.

“Let’s change and find out what’s going on.” Sam scanned his suit, his eyes stopped at palms of his hands that he raised at the level of his chest. If Peter was right, they would draw too much attention to themselves wearing their suits, he guessed.

Peter snorted, throwing him a grim glance. “I can’t just take off my mask and make it disappear.”

The only answer he got was Sam rolling his eyes.

“Better say you have some money.”

Sam had some money. So they found secluded spot in an alley to not be easy spot to observe. Apart of the trash canes there was nothing there and it had only one entry. Sam gave a black helmet, that became as malleable as cloth, to Peter to keep an eye on and went to find a store.

He found the very small one that had a very odd, old and unpleasant odour, and things there didn’t look even as second hand things. He quickly chose a random red t-shirt and pair of trousers that were looking the best, and looked for something to hide a suit and his helmet. After browsing through several shelves he found a black backpack big enough in the corner. Finally he could leave this place. When he was paying he had a strong feeling that something would go wrong – he blamed Peter for it and his suggestion – but a shop assistant didn’t even pay his attention to him. He just took a money, counted it and straight away hid it, looking at his own hands and not raising up his eyes even for a second. So Sam said goodbye and left quickly.

When he came back to Peter, he immediately took back his helmet, that turned back to its shape in his hands, and put it on back on his head. Light surrounded him and he had his Nova suit again, so the backpack disappeared. “So, what are we gonna do?” Sam leaned on the wall, crossing his arms. The backpack landed on the ground next to his legs.

“We have to try to contact with the Fury. Or someone else.”

“You really believe it’s an another universe?”

Peter shrugged. “It’s hard to say. It can be just another city as you said. So that’s why I want to find a way to call others.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “We can gain some info on our own, we don’t need Furry for that. Com’on, what do you want to do? You aren’t gonna ask a random civil to call to the director of the secret agency, are you?”

Peter snorted. “When you say like that… he would kill me.” He scratched his chin. “No, we have to find a library.”

“Library? Seriously?” He started to laugh, but stopped straight away. “You’re serious?” He moved back his head to lean it on the wall, so he could see sky. The stars were invisible. “Great. What a pitty Ava isn’t here.”

“Let’s come back to this magazine.” He shot a web to go out from the alley.

“What?” Sam followed him when he grabbed the backpack.

“I want to see it when it is lighter and besides we can spend night there.”

“So why you needed the cloths? I paid for it!”

“I hope so. I don’t want to have police after me.” They passed a few buildings and as far as he saw they were going almost the same way as they came earlier. “It’s you who left the magazine as fast as possible. Besides, if we stay here longer, we will need more than clothes.”

“Wait.” Sam passed Peter and stopped in front of him so he had to stop either. Sam ignored his glare. “ You think we are gonna stay here for longer?”

“Uh, move on.” “He shot another web to get around him. “I don’t know what I think. Just prepare yourself that there is such possibility.” He said over his shoulder.

Nothing changed in the magazine. They stayed there all night. Sam sat down under the wall. He was waiting for his turn as it was Percy who went to sleep first. He wondered if someone noticed their disappearance and searched them. He hoped that someone did, so they would come back to home faster.

When it came time Peter's turn, the Spider-Sense was tingling and he had a feeling that he was observed. Nothing happened, though, so he ignored it. It must have been because of the fight.

Even when it was lighter, they found nothing interesting in the magazine. The only boxes they found there were empty and covered by thick layer of dust.

“We have to find something to eat.” Peter heard Sam’s snort. “What?”

“Your priorities are strange. You know, I could find a supermarket or something to buy food, but no, clothes were more important.”

He rolled his eyes. “I don’t have to explain it to you, I think.”

Sam threw a look on the wall on which the paint was coming off in flakes. “By the way, don’t you think it’s strange that clothing store was opened at this hour?”

“It’s the least of our problems.”

Sam shrugged. They changed their clothes – well, Sam just took his helmet off – and put everything to the backpack that took Sam who wanted to have his helmet close.

“So we are looking for library, what a fun.” Sam muttered.

The city didn’t seem more amiable during the day than in night. It was just a bit lighter, but not much due to dark cloudy sky. Peter had to admit that architecture had something what made it interesting, though.

Apparently people in this city wasn’t so friendly. They tried to ask for a way to nearest library, but the most sympathetic answer they got was just silent stare at them. They get no help, but fortunately they found the library on their own and during a way they ate some bars and bought two bottle of water.

The building was impressive, with big windows and columns it reminded to Peter architecture of Ancient Greece or Rome. The indoors of it was even more impressive. Peter could imagine that he went back in time when he was walking there.

They arrived to the desk where red haired woman sat. She was the only worker they could notice there. She raised her eyes when she noticed them. Peter read her name on the nametag, but she was first who spoke.

“Welcome, my name is Barbara Gordon. What do you need?” She stopped working on the computer.

“Hi, my name is Peter and it is Sam.” Sam nodded. “Could we use a computer.”

“Do you have a library card set up?”

They shared a look before they both shook their heads.

“Do we need one?” Peter asked, frowned. “I don’t remember that I should have had it in my last library.”

The woman looked looked him down and up. “We require to have one, even if you want to use just a computer.”

“There is no problem.” Sam smiled at her. “Should we both get one or one of us is enough?”

“Do you need two computers?”

“One is enough.”

“You need one in this case.” She wrote something on the keyboard. “Who does want to sign up?”

Peter raised his hand. “I do.”

He gave her his real name and last name, and other basic data. First he wanted to come up with false ones, but if they also were in another universe, it was no use in it. If their versions from this world found out about them, they could get a help from them. He just hoped it would not come back to bite his ass in some way in the future.

After some time he got a plastic card with his name.

“You should add your photo to the system in the future.” Peter nodded hearing this.

They went to the farthest computer from the Gordon's place that they could find. It seemed older than these ones he used just day earlier, but it worked so it was the most important. First name he looked for was Avengers. Nothing between things, that showed up on the screen, was about group of superheroes. It was the same with the single name of the superheroes from the Avengers, and then those outside of it. Nova and Spider-Man were on this list.

Sam, who sat on his left, had to notice his face because turned to him, frowned. “What’s it?”

He ignored him and typed his name and then Sam’s. There was nothing. Since Sam was controlling his movement, he noticed it and his eyes widened.

“Look more, there should be something there.”

He searched every social media he knew and everything he could think about, but there was nothing there. He stared at it with a blank stare. It was something new in it. Last chance, he thought. He wrote Petra Parker. Nothing. Miles Morales. Again nothing. Every villains he knew. Next nothing. He wrote just word superheroes. There were some results.

“Who are these people?” Sam muttered when he was scanning the screen

The Justice league, Peter read. He clicked to read article. The beginning of it summarized the superheroes from the main photo. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman. He winced. More possible it was to be completely another world than alternative universe and he didn’t like this idea.

He started to type every name and he stopped on Batman. Apart from this one photo in the article, there was no visible photo on which he was seen. However, the photos related to him was very similar to the city they were now. Gotham. Could it be?

They left the library quickly.

“So, any plans?” Sam thrust his hands into his trouser pockets.

“We can stay in the magazine, I guess?” He winced hearing that it sounded more like question than it should have. “We need food, money,”

Sam snorted, interrupting him. “In terms of money, we have no money.”

He waved at him. “I’m thinking now, worrying later. The most important thing: find a way back.”

“As far as I know the scientists haven’t invented it yet.”

“So how do you explain our presence here?” They crossed the street. “There was a Siege Perilous, but I have no idea if it exists here.”

“So let’s hope that someone of our friends notices our absence in our world and gets us back.”


Peter supposed they should have made a much better research, when he was looking at the very sharp knife turned to him and Sam.

They walked across the city all day and when it was evening, they were going back to the magazine. Apparently these two men had another plan for them.

They didn’t have any money nor another things that could be interesting for them, but Sam strongly didn’t want to give them the backpack. Well, Peter couldn’t blame him since there was his helmet that really shouldn’t end up in the hands of robbers. Anyway, he wouldn’t like to lose his suit either. His Spider-Sense was tingling furiously and he rolled his eyes mentally. He didn’t need it to see the danger.

“Give it to me and you will live.” The higher man growled through teeth.

Sure as if, he will, Peter thought trying to come up with some plan which wouldn’t show their abilities. His thoughts interrupted Sam that suddenly started screaming. Vero loud screaming. Peter threw him a look and saw he closed his eyes and was strongly grabbing the backpack that kept as close as possible to his chest. He looked quickly at the men and again at Sam, and yelled as loud as he was able to. He didn’t know what this idiot wanted to achieve by doing it, but he hoped he had a plan at least.

When nothing happened after a few seconds and seeing that attention of both men was on Sam, Peter threw himself on the man keeping the knife. Surprised, he loosened his grip on the handle. Peter used it and grabbed it kicking his shin as strong as he could without draw attention to his unhuman strength. Sam joined to him, hitting the man on Peter’s left using the backpack, the helmet was surprisingly hard and made painful hits when his owner wanted it to be like that. Sam didn’t waste a time and as fast as he could he kicked and hit again. After a few hits later man was on the ground with Sam on his back. Peter also handled the fight so now they were in the alley with two only two adult men, that wanted to rob them, not having any phone to call to the police.

“Could you explain for what was that screaming?” Peter glared at him angrily, but before he got the answer, he had heard a swish above them and his Sense, that was slowly calming down, reinforced again.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw movement. When he carefully turned his head to not lose the advance above the man, he saw another man. Peter titled his head, observing his black suit and blue bird around his chest, shoulders and back. Seeing the black mask, he supposed it had to be one of the hero from this city.

“You aren’t Batman.” Peter heard Sam’s voice and had to stop himself mentally to not hit his forehead. Of course, it wasn’t Batman. His figure and general appearance was different from the photo they saw, so it couldn’t be him.

That left the question who he was, unfortunately.

“I am not.” Even through the mask, Peter could see the eyebrow lift.

“We aren’t from this city.” He said quickly as if it explained everything. Perhaps it did. “And these guys were problem. There is their knife there.” He pointed out using his thumb.

“I’m Nightwing, by the way.” He took the guy from Peter and tied him up. Second one joined to him quickly. “Police will be here soon. You shouldn't go out so late, it's dengerous. This time it ended up well, next time you may not have so much luck.”

Peter nodded.

“So we are needed or we can leave?” Sam asked, putting the backpack on his back.

Nightwing scanned them up and down. “The police would like to take testimony from you.”

“Right.” Sam came closer to Peter. “It is what I wanted to achieved.” He whispered right to his ear. On his face was a proud smirk.

They gave a quick testimony. They were just on their way to home, when suddenly they were attacked by these two men. Remembering that the city had their superhero, they tried to scream, but since no one came they took matter into their own hands. After all, they didn’t want to be killed nor have anything stolen. They skipped the part that they didn’t have anything worth enough to be stolen. Seriously, what kind of thieves were these guys that couldn’t say that these two teenagers were totally broke?

They came back to the magazine as fast as possible. One day passed and they had no idea what to do. Library was going to be their second home. Or first one since they didn’t have one in the first place. Money would be useful as well, so they would have to find a job. While they literally didn’t exist in this world and didn't know anything about it. It was a problem for later, Peter supposed, not wanting to start panicking. After all, they handled worse situations.

New type of Spider-Verse - Chapter 1 - EstellaDeMoon (2024)


Is insomniac Miles an anomaly? ›

Miles Morales/Spider-Man: Given that Miles was bitten by a Radioactive Spider from another universe, Miles is considered "the Original Anomaly" as Jonathan Ohnn is responsible for disrupting an alternate Miles Morales' Canon Event.

Why is 42 in Spider-Verse? ›

Co-director of the Spider-Verse films, Peter Ramsay, spoke with Business Insider in 2020, explaining why he chose to use 42 in the films: Forty-two was Jackie Robinson's jersey number for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Who is the strongest character in the Spider-Verse? ›

'Across the Spider-Verse': 10 Most Powerful Spider-People, Ranked by Power Score
  • 8 Miles Morales.
  • 7 Spider-Byte.
  • 6 Peter B. Parker.
  • 5 Pavitr Prabhakar.
  • 4 Miguel O'Hara.
  • 3 May Parker.
  • 2 Scarlet Spider.
  • 1 Spider-Woman.
Dec 9, 2023

How many times does 42 appear in Into the Spider-Verse? ›

42 was Miles' lottery winning number to get into Brooklyn Visions Academy.

Does Miles glitch in Earth-42? ›

After Miles glitches in Earth-42, his shoes gain a new set of Ben-Day dots from being in the wrong dimension.

Why didn't Spider-Byte stop Miles? ›

Sadly, Miles doesn't get sent home by Spider-Byte, as his code and spider-bite are different due to the creature being from Earth-42. But when he gets to that reality, Rio (his mom) doesn't observe physical changes with him. Miles has a different hairstyle, which Aaron-42 does notice.

What will Spiderverse 3 be called? ›

Will there be a sequel to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse? Yes. According to the writer-producers, a third film is already in the works and it's called Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse.

Why does Mysterio say 616? ›

In the film Avengers: Endgame (2019), Ant-Man's van was being held in a storage area labeled "616". In the film Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), Mysterio claims that the main Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity exists on "Earth-616", despite every line the character says comes from a fictional writer named Guterman.

Why did spider 42 bite Miles? ›

This radioactive spider, originally native to Earth-42, was originally destined to bite the Miles Morales of its world, transforming him into its Spider-Man.

Who is weaker than Spider-Man? ›

Bane is physically weaker than Spider-Man. Wolverine is physically weaker than Spider-Man.

Who is stronger, Miles or Peter? ›

Miles Morales in Spider-Verse showcases his power by integrating his abilities with his sense of identity and inner strength. Miles is the strongest Spider-Man because his powers seem to be deeply tied to his emotions, reaching incredibly upper limits when he's pushed to his limits.

Why are miles so strong? ›

Bitten by a genetically engineered spider known as specimen 42, which is slightly different from the one that granted Peter Parker superhuman powers, Miles Morales possesses abilities similar to the original Spider-Man's, including enhanced strength, agility, and reflexes, the ability to adhere to walls and ceilings ...

What is Earth 69 in Marvel? ›

Earth 69 is a more science based reality, where there are no gods, or magic or anything paranormal. But all heroes have science related origins.

Is Earth 42 Miles evil? ›

According to the official Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse artbook, Miles G. Morales isn't technically a villain but more so a vigilante.

How old is Miles Morales? ›

Originally created in the Ultimate Universe, this version of Spider-Man is a 16 year old kid named Miles Morales from Brooklyn who takes on . Miles Morales: He is often portrayed as a teenager, typically around 16 to 17 years old. This age range aligns with his character's origin as a .

What mental disorder does Miles Morales have? ›

The Spider Within: A Spider-Verse Story is an official short film that shows Miles grappling with anxiety and the pressures of being a teenager—which is hard, tbh—alongside his role as Brooklyn's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Is Gwen Stacy an anomaly? ›

Between her balletic physicality, her indomitable handling of the core tragedies of a Spider-Person, and her resilience that makes even Peter Parker's resilience look shallow, Gwen Stacy is undeniably an anomaly of Spider-Society because, despite her failures and shortcomings, she's rarely fallen behind.

Did insomniac make Miles Morales? ›

Development. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales was developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Why couldn t prowler see Miles? ›

So the Prowler is Aaron Davis, but he keeps his mask on throughout much of the film prior to the climax. When he encounters Miles in the scene prior to the showdown at Aunt May's house, both he and Miles are wearing masks, so it's understandable neither knows it's the other...

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