Obd2 Memory Saver Harbor Freight (2024)

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  • Find shorts, grounds, open circuits and keep your battery in top condition with battery tools & accessories from Harbor Freight. Eliminate guesswork. Save time.

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  • Harbor Freight buys their top quality tools from the same factories that supply our competitors. We cut out the middleman and pass the savings to you!

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93550 Computer Memory Saver - Harbor Freight Tools - YUMPU

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  • Diagnose your car's engine problems in English, French and Spanish with this CAN OBDII code reader. Read More. $3499. When Purchased Online. Compare to.

  • Amazing deals on this Odb Ii Code Reader at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low prices.

CEN-TECH OBD II Code Reader - Harbor Freight Tools

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Memory savers not recommended by industry experts - FenderBender

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  • Diagnose your car’s engine problems with code readers & scanners from Harbor Freight. Full diagnostic capabilities. Read & clear check engine light codes.

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  • Jan 4, 2022 · I use an OBD memory save with a booster pack. This is the one I got from Harbor Freight. It works quite well. www.harborfreight.com. 1700 ...

  • 2004 Trailblazer, I have had to replace HVAC actuators twice and after research I believe the problem was caused by replacing the battery and once it went completely dead. Now it needs a starter and I don't want to cause any issues with the actuators by disconnecting the battery. Do you think...

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  • Keep your battery in top condition even when your vehicle is in storage with chargers & maintainers from Harbor Freight. Easy to use and simply connect.

Obd2 Memory Saver Harbor Freight (2024)


What's the difference between cheap and expensive OBD2 scanners? ›

If you're a professional mechanic or someone who needs in-depth diagnostics, investing in a high-end scanner may be worth it. Cheaper scanners might provide basic code reading and clearing functionalities, but they may lack advanced features like live data streaming, graphing, and detailed system analysis.

Why is my OBD2 scanner not picking up? ›

What Should You Do if Your OBD-II Scan Tool Isn't Working? If you've plugged in your OBD scanner and you're not getting a reading, you're more than likely having a connectivity or communication issue. This is typically caused by a blown fuse that's s causing the lack of communication with the ECU.

Do OBD2 readers work? ›

Instead, turn to an OBD-II scanner. OBD stands for On-board Diagnostics, and an OBD-II scanner diagnoses your car's vital systems, providing valuable information about warning lights, airbags, ABS, and more, letting you know which systems might be at risk and the level of urgency.

What is the number one OBD2 scanner? ›

The best OBD2 scanner in 2024 is the BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro. The TOPDON ArtiDiag800BT, Foxwell NT201, Motopower MP69033, Innova CarScan Advisor 5110, Launch CRP129E Scan Tool, Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Scanner, and Ancel B0310 round out our team's picks as the best OBD2 scanners on the market.

Are cheap OBD readers any good? ›

Ultimately, while cheap OBD scanners can provide basic functionality and be suitable for simple diagnostic needs, they may not offer the same level of performance, durability, and compatibility as their more expensive counterparts.

What OBD2 scanner tells you everything that's wrong with your car? ›

Innova 6100P

We feel that the $140 Innova 6100P has all the features any driver will need from an OBD-II scanner. Its 2.8-inch color screen displays everything from live data to fault codes to a pre-inspection I/M readiness check.

Should the car be running when using OBD2 scanner? ›

Can you plug in OBD scanner while car is running? It's possible to plug in an OBD scanner while the engine is on, but it isn't advised. You may need to cycle the ignition off and back on to initiate the test.

Can OBD2 damage an ECU? ›

Although rare, incorrect usage of an OBD2 scanner could damage an ECU. Here are a few scenarios where damage might occur: Low-Quality Scanners: Opting for an OBD2 scanner incompatible with your vehicle or of poor quality could prove troublesome.

Why is my OBD2 not communicating with my car? ›

In most cases, communication issues can be caused by various reasons including: ignition-key position, connector-voltage issues, incorrect communication protocol, hung ECM, missing or bad data, and OEM-updated ECM software that is unknown to the scan tool.

Who makes Harbor Freight OBD2 scanners? ›

Zurich Professional Diagnostic Code Readers.

What is the difference between an OBD2 reader and an OBD2 scanner? ›

A code reader is a simplified version of a scan tool, but it's only capable of performing basic scans of trouble codes. A scan tool can read and clear trouble codes, and it may also provide advanced data reading and playback features, knowledge bases, diagnostic procedures, and built-in testing equipment.

Is it worth buying a diagnostic tool? ›

Are OBD scanners worth it? They're the fastest way to troubleshoot a problem. Without an OBD reader, you'll have to visit a garage to have the fault code identified for you – and with hourly labour rates at independent garages averaging around £50, that's something none of us wants to do.

What OBD scanner do mechanics use? ›

OBD Advisor

Quick Recommendation: For Home Mechanic: Innova 5610 > For Pros/Shop: LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO | XTOOL D8BT. If ECU Programming is a must: XTOOL D9 PRO | Autel Maxisys Ultra.

Are Bluetooth OBD2 scanners better? ›

The main difference is that a Bluetooth scanner must operate through a companion app on your smartphone or tablet. A standard OBD2 scanner may be better at reading live data since a wired connection will always be faster than a wireless Bluetooth connection.

Does AutoZone do free OBD scans? ›

You can get to the bottom of your vehicle's diagnostics by purchasing your own code reader, or you can bring your car to your local AutoZone and get it scanned as a part of our free Fix Finder service.

Are all OBD2 scanners the same? ›

Even though OBD2 is a universal standard, it can happen that a scanner is not compatible or doesn't work well with your vehicle. So we recommend you check whether your chosen OBD scanner is compatible with your vehicle.

What to look for when buying a OBD2 scanner? ›

Here are some factors to consider when deciding on an OBD2 scanner:
  1. Compatibility – Ensure the OBD2 scanner you choose is compatible with your vehicle. ...
  2. Live data readouts – Look for an OBD2 scanner that can display live data parameters such as fuel system status, engine RPM, and coolant temperature.

How much should I pay for an OBD2 scanner? ›

On average, a good scanner with excellent reviews costs $30. The price of an obd2 car scanner increases with its quality and level of sophistication. The more advanced Ancel scanner has more features than the less advanced model. The Ancel AD310, which costs less than $30, is the most cheap.

What is a good cheap code reader? ›

If you're looking for the cheapest possible option, we recommend the Panlong Bluetooth OBDII scanner. While inexpensive, this tool can quickly and effectively pull OBD2 fault codes. The Panlong model that is under $20 only works with Android devices, however.

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