Opposite of COWER - 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples (2024)

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Antonyms for cower are words that convey confidence, bravery, and fearlessness. These contrasting terms reflect the opposite of cowering, which is characterized by showing courage or strength in the face of adversity or danger.

When we explore the antonyms for cower, we encounter a rich vocabulary that embodies a sense of empowerment and assertiveness. These words encourage individuals to stand tall, confront challenges, and assert themselves with dignity and bravery. By understanding these antonyms, we can expand our linguistic repertoire and express ourselves with greater nuance and clarity.

Embracing the antonyms for cower allows us to shift our mindset from one of fear and submission to one of courage and resilience. By incorporating these opposing words into our everyday language, we can cultivate a sense of strength and confidence in ourselves and inspire others to do the same. Let’s explore the world of antonyms for cower and embrace the power of boldness and fortitude in our daily lives.

35 Antonyms for COWER With Sentences

Here’s a complete list of opposite for cower. Practice and let us know if you have any questions regarding COWER antonyms.

AntonymSentence with CowerSentence with Antonym
Face the fearThe dog began to cower in the corner.The cat chose to confront the danger head-on.
Stand tallShe cowered behind her desk during the meeting.He stood confidently and faced the audience with pride.
Boldly faceThe child cowered in fear at the sight of a spider.The adult faced the spider without hesitation.
BraveThe villagers cowered in fear from the approaching monster.The knight fearlessly stood up to defeat the monster.
Face the challengeThe students cowered in front of the difficult exam.The students decided to tackle the exam with confidence.
Be courageousThe boy cowered from the bully’s taunts.The girl showed courage by confronting the bully.
Be boldThe rabbit cowered in the face of danger.The lion stood strong and fearlessly approached the danger.
Stay strongThe weak soldiers cowered in the presence of the enemy.The strong soldiers remained brave and faced the enemy.
Be confidentHis fear caused him to cower in the corner.Her confidence helped her to face her fears.
Defiantly faceThe victim cowered in front of the aggressor.The survivor decided to confront the aggressor.
Stand up tallThe crowd cowered as the earthquake shook the ground.The leader stood upright and assured everyone’s safety.
Face head-onShe cowered from the difficult conversation.He faced the conversation directly and honestly.
Be courageousThe weak-hearted knight cowered before the dragon.The brave knight confronted the dragon fearlessly.
Be fearlessThe child cowered from the dark shadows.The superhero was fearless and entered the shadows without hesitation.
Stand firmThe employees cowered under the harsh boss’s criticism.The leader stood firm and shielded the team from the boss’s criticism.
Face boldlyThe puppy cowered at the sound of thunder.The adult dog faced the thunderstorm with a bold stance.
Be resoluteThe timid mouse cowered from the noise.The determined cat confronted the noise without fear.
Stand boldlyThe child cowered behind the curtains during the play.The actress stood boldly on the stage and delivered her lines.
Remain braveThe squirrel cowered from the loud noise.The bear remained brave and continued foraging for food.
Show courageThe people cowered in fear during the storm.The firefighter showed courage by rescuing those in need.
Be stoicHer cowering revealed her anxiety.His stoic demeanor showed his lack of fear.
Face without fearThe soldier cowered from the gunfire.The commander faced the gunfire without fear.
Show boldnessThe child cowered from the bullies.The teenager showed boldness by standing up to the bullies.
Hold one’s groundThe rabbit cowered in the presence of the fox.The deer held its ground in front of the hunter.
Be undauntedThe girl cowered in the haunted house.The boy was undaunted and explored the house fearlessly.
Stand up toThe students cowered under the strict teacher’s gaze.The students stood up to the teacher and expressed their opinions.
Be unflinchingThe victim cowered in front of the aggressor.The witness was unflinching during cross-examination.
Show no fearThe dog cowered from the thunderstorm.The wolf showed no fear and howled at the storm.
Be undeterredThe soldiers cowered under the rain of arrows.The army was undeterred and continued advancing.
Face resolutelyThe child cowered from the doctor’s needle.The athlete faced resolutely the challenges of the competition.
Show strengthThe kitten cowered from the vacuum cleaner’s noise.The lioness showed strength in protecting her cubs.
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Final Thoughts about Antonyms of COWER

To stand tall and brave is the opposite of cowering. Instead of shrinking back in fear, we can face challenges head-on with courage and confidence. Embracing our inner strength and resilience allows us to confront obstacles without backing down or giving in to fear. By showing courage in the face of adversity, we can overcome difficulties and emerge stronger on the other side.

In moments of uncertainty or danger, it is vital to remember that bravery and courage are potent antidotes to cowering. By standing firm and facing our fears, we can grow personally and navigate life’s challenges with determination. Let us choose to be bold and resolute, standing tall in the face of adversity, instead of cowering in its shadow.


Opposite of COWER - 35 Antonyms With Sentence Examples (2024)


What is the opposite of cower? ›

What is the opposite of cower?
arisebe upstanding
stand upget to your feet
straightenbe on one's feet
straighten up

How do you use cower in a sentence? ›

He led police to a small shed, where the suspect was found cowering in a corner. An earlier shot showed the man cowering in a corner of the dry moat surrounding the enclosure while the tiger loomed over him. He came to a skidding halt before the Saxons and they cowered in fear before his towering rage.

What is another word for cower? ›

Some common synonyms of cower are cringe, fawn, toady, and truckle. While all these words mean "to behave abjectly before a superior," cower suggests a display of abject fear in the company of threatening or domineering people. cowering before a bully.

What is 3 Antonyms? ›

There are three different types of antonyms: complementary, gradable, and relational. Complementary antonyms are opposite words which have only one possible alternative. There are no other possible opposites for either words in the pair. For example: dead and alive, odd and even, entrance and exit.

What is the opposite of coward in antonyms? ›

antonyms: braveness, bravery, courage, courageousness.

What are the words of opposite? ›

  • adverse.
  • antagonistic.
  • antithetical.
  • contradictory.
  • differing.
  • paradoxical.
  • reversed.

How can I use example in a sentence? ›

Examples of example in a Sentence

Noun He set a good example for the rest of us. She gave several examples to show that the program is effective. We've chosen three examples of contemporary architecture for closer study.

What are some examples of cowered? ›

  • They cowered at the sight of the gun.
  • She was cowering in the closet.
  • I cowered behind the door.
  • cowering before a bully.

What is a good sentence for coward? ›

brand someone a coward They branded her a coward for informing on her colleagues during the interrogation. He despised himself for being such a coward. He is a coward and a bully. She considered him a coward for failing to join up in the war.

Does cower mean coward? ›

Victims of a school bully might cower whenever he comes near, and a law-breaking peasant might cower when brought before a cruel king. Although a coward might cower in fear, the two words aren't related. Definitions of cower. verb. crouch or curl up.

What are three cowered synonyms? ›

  • concealed.
  • obscured.
  • hid.
  • disguised.
  • masked.
  • suppressed.
  • cloaked.
  • blanketed.

What are 5 synonyms for cowardly? ›

Synonyms of 'cowardly' in American English
  • faint-hearted.
  • chicken (slang)
  • craven.
  • fearful.
  • scared.
  • soft.
  • spineless.
  • timorous.
Oct 30, 2020

What are 20 examples of antonyms with sentences? ›

Example :
  • Achieve – fail. Usain Bolt achieved a new world record. ...
  • Afraid - Confident. I was afraid of getting caught for sleeping during the class. ...
  • Ancient - Modern. The Colosseum is an ancient wonder of the world. ...
  • Arrive - Depart. ...
  • Arrogant – Humble. ...
  • Attack - Defend. ...
  • Blunt - Sharp. ...
  • Complex - Simple.
Oct 13, 2017

What are the 50 antonyms? ›

List of Antonyms
17 more rows

What are the 20 opposite words? ›

The following are the 30 opposite words in English from A to Z:
  • Active-Lazy.
  • Afraid-Brave.
  • After-Before.
  • Big-Small.
  • Beautiful-Ugly.
  • Bitter-Sweet.
  • Close-Open.
  • Cold-Hot.

What is the synonym and antonym of cowardly? ›

Some common synonyms of cowardly are craven, dastardly, and pusillanimous. While all these words mean "having or showing a lack of courage," cowardly implies a weak or ignoble lack of courage. a cowardly failure to stand up for principle.

What is this word antonym? ›

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For example, hot and cold are antonyms, as are good and bad.

What is opposite in antonym? ›

Answer. An antonym is a word that is the opposite of another word. An opposite can be the other side of, reverse of, or something contrary to anything, not just words. Below are some examples: 'Hot' is the antonym/opposite of 'cold.

What is a antonym for wingless? ›

(of insects) without wings. flightless. incapable of flying. antonyms: winged.

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