The official Smash Ultimate amiibo tier list (June 2023) (2024)

The official Smash Ultimate amiibo tier list (June 2023) (1)

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June 9, 2021 Cloud19 Comments

Welcome to the competitive amiibo training community’s official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo tier list! Exion has been maintaining this list sincethe Super Smash Bros. 4 iteration back in 2015. All official update slates and discussions take place on our Discord server – the home of the amiibo training community – so we recommend joining to stay up-to-date! This tier list covers vanilla amiibo, which means no Spirits. If you were looking for a tier list that covers a different format, we have three more: one for Super Smash Bros. 4, one for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Raid Bosses, and one for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirits.

You might notice Incineroar all by itself in the SS tier. This isn’t a mistake! Incineroar is the strongest character in the metagame — you can read all about it right here. As a result, it’s often banned in tournament play. Of course, some tournament hosts only allow certain tiers of characters in their competitions, so you’ll have to read the rules carefully before you join. As mentioned earlier, you can access a full list of ongoing tournaments over at our Discord server! With that aside, here’s the full list:

The official Smash Ultimate amiibo tier list (June 2023) (2)

Tier List Details & Explanation

This tier list took shape via a combination of tournament results and professional opinion. Remember, the list isn’t just ranking character traits! It’s also ranking each fighter’s AI. Here’s a good example of why AI matters. Even at Level 50, Ness’ AI is hard-coded to waste its double jump and aim at the ledge with PK Thunder. This gives opponents a great chance to connect a meteor smash, which almost always results in Ness’ death. If Ness didn’t have that flaw, you’d see him even higher on the tier list — and the same principles apply to every other fighter. If a character has a crippling AI flaw, our corresponding training guide will tell you!

Next, it’s important to note that this list is only updated when shifts in the metagame occur. For example, we thought Ryu was low-tier, and then several trainers experimented with his training. Before we knew it, Ryu was handily defeating several fellow low-tier fighters! As a result, his position on the tier list improved by quite a bit. In conclusion, the list won’t update if there are no shifts. Get out there and host some tournaments!

One last thing: if you found this page from an internet search, welcome! We’ve been creating high-quality amiibo training content for over eight years. We have guides available for every amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and you can access a full list of them via the link below. Also, remember to join our Discord server for continuous amiibo training and tier list updates. Thanks so much for reading!

If you would like to read more amiibo training guides, pleasefollow this link.

The official Smash Ultimate amiibo tier list (June 2023) (3)

  1. Why is Zero Suit Samus and Bayonetta so bad, what would make them different from the other characters in that tier?


  2. why is minima so good?


  3. Why is King dedede a good amiibo


    1. He’s a heavyweight with powerful moves and multi-hit attacks. He generally uses his jab and forward tilt to bypass enemy defenses* and then can KO with a down smash or up smash. He does have some tough matchups (mostly against other top tiers like Mii Gunner, etc.) but his pros outweigh his cons.

      *The reason this works is because amiibo always drop their shield after the first strike of a multi hit move. So they’ll block the first hit of Dedede’s jab or forward tilt and then get hit by the rest for what is essentially free damage.


  4. How big is the tier list commitee?


  5. So,what exactly makes Terry so powerful?


    1. Okay so most competitive-trained amiibo are raised to stay on the ground and focus primarily on smash attacks. This means that at any given moment they will usually be standing on the ground, which means they will try to shield any projectiles coming their way. Terry can spam Power Wave from a distance, and then the opponent will either take damage or shield. He can then run forward, use one of his combos and deal tons of damage. Then he’s even got a comeback mechanic with Buster Wolf and Power Geyser. Overall he deals tons of damage, has no shortage of kill moves, and matches well against almost everyone in the cast.


      1. After getting my own Terry amiibo,I can confirm that Terry is indeed S-Tier. I’ve been true combo’d into Buster Wolf so often and my other amiibos suffered the same fate.

  6. Will there be a Raid Boss Tier List?


    1. There currently is on the Raid Boss wiki entry, but these are harder to make than competitive. Since you can’t have two Raid Bosses fight each other (since then it’s just a competitive amiibo tier list), and you can’t really properly track Raid Boss wins against humans, it’d be difficult to make a really credible list. So if we do update it, there would be a notice that it’s mostly opinion-based.


  7. Is there going to be a spirit amiibo tier list by any chance?


    1. Not a Spirits one unfortunately. It would be too similar to the current list to warrant updating on a regular basis. The only differences would be that Jigglypuff, Falco, and maybe Ganondorf would be higher on the list!


      1. Understandable. Thank you

  8. What grabs and throws can I use for king K rool


  9. What grabs and throws do I uses for Bowser Jr


    1. Up throw to up air works good! Otherwise just use forward or back throw to toss it to the nearest stage edge and you should be good to go.


  10. What throws can i uses for ness


    1. Up throw to PK Thunder works great at low to mid percentages. At high percentages you should use back throw! The AI will occasionally use forward throw and down throw on its own but I’d recommend just using up throw > up B and back throw to kill.


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The official Smash Ultimate amiibo tier list (June 2023) (2024)


What is the highest amiibo level in Smash Ultimate? ›

The higher your FP's level is, the better its attack and defense stats will be. The maximum level for an FP is 50. A figure player's levels will increase even faster if you take it to a friend's house to play or let it fight against other FPs.

Will Sora ever get an amiibo? ›

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Sora amiibo will be released on 16th February 2024. Sora was revealed as the final character for the fighting game in October 2021. It then took almost two years for an amiibo of Sora to be confirmed, being announced in a Nintendo Direct in September 2023.

Who is the king of smash? ›

Ken Hoang (born October 10, 1985), also known as Kenny, SephirothKen, or Liquid`Ken, is an American professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player and television personality.

Can you reset amiibo? ›

From the HOME Menu select “System Settings,” then scroll down the menu on the left-hand side and select “amiibo”. Select the data you would like to delete. To delete game data only, select “Delete Game Data.” To delete all data on the amiibo, select “Reset amiibo”.

What is the oldest amiibo? ›

line is the first series of amiibo be released, based upon Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U and released alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on November 21, 2014.

Which Amiibos are discontinued? ›

Only a few weeks after the launch of the first wave of Amiibo Figurines, it was discovered that certain Amiibo were discontinued because of character popularity, prompting questions concerning Amiibo rarity. From the first wave, Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, and Villager are no longer being stocked on store shelves.

Is Sora really the last DLC? ›

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's last-ever DLC character will be Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Announced by series creator Masahiro Sakurai in a 'Final Presentation', a new trailer referenced the original Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal.

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Mew2King is often considered the greatest overall Smash Bros. player of all time.

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Ken Hoang (@LiquidKen) / X.

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