About This Site

WHAT IS this “Restless Mouse” –  We are longstanding providers of Oddities and Retro items via mail order and internet, since 1998 in one form or another.

The Restless Mouse Novelty Co.
PO Box 3022
Arlington, WA 98223

Call anytime (425) 343-6750 or use the feedback form below.


Why “TheRestlessMouse.com”

Originally The Restless Mouse concept came from my observation that one of my co-workers at the “day job” would spend a lot of time staring at the computer screen, motionless except for constantly manipulating the computer mouse. Since “RestlessMouseSyndrome.com” would be a real mouthful, I settled on “TheRestlessMouse”, not realizing that my slight speech impediment would later force me to spell it out a million times. We dropped the “the” for the latest incarnation of the store site, that helps a little.

Another concern I have about our name, is that the world seems to be turning to touch screens, already our old-style mouse logo is looking a bit dated. I guess that’s OK, since many of the items we sell are “retro”.

Special Note for Mail Order

Our store at RestlessMouse.com has an option for “Mail a check or Money Order”, but if you would rather not input your address and whatnot, here’s this handy printer friendly mail order form! Or just write your order on the back of an old envelope, or a bar napkin. It’s all good.

Please make checks or money orders payable to TheRestlessMouse.com or to Teresa Everett

Your comments and questions are most welcome!