ISE Project Management: The Managerial Process (2024)

Ch. 1 Modern Project Management
Ch. 2 Organization Strategy and Project Selection
Ch. 3 Organization: Structure and Culture
Ch. 4 Defining the Project
Ch. 5 Estimating Project Times and Costs
Ch. 6 Developing a Project Schedule
Ch. 7 Managing Risk
Ch. 8 Scheduling Resources and Costs
Ch. 9 Reducing Project Duration
Ch. 10 Being an Effective Project Manager
Ch. 11 Managing Project Teams
Ch. 12 Outsourcing: Managing Interorganizational Relations
Ch. 13 Progress and Performance Measurement and Evaluation
Ch. 14 Project Closure
Ch. 15 Agile Project Management
Ch. 16 International Projects

1 Solutions to Selected Exercises
2 Two Computer Project Exercises

Project Management Equations
Cross Reference of Project Management
Socio-Technical Approach to Project Management

Project Management, 8e provides a holistic and realistic approach to Project Management that combines the human aspect and culture of an organization with the tools and methods used It covers concepts and skills used to propose, plan secure resources, budget and lead project teams to successful completion of projects. this text is not only on how the management process works, but also, and more importantly, on why it works. It’s not intended to specialize by industry type or project scope, rather it is written for the individual who will be required to manage a variety of projects in a variety of organizational settings. 8e was written for a broad range of audiences including, project managers, students, analysts and Project Management Institute Members preparing for certification exams. The digital component, Connect, now has enhanced algorithmic problems, Application Based Activities, SmartBook 2.0 and Practice Operations, a game-based 3D operations management simulation.

New! In Connect, enhanced algorithmic problems, Application Based Activities (ABAs) in project management, SmartBook 2.0 and Practice Operations 3D based game, provide better resources for student success by prompting students to engage with key concepts, while continually adapting to their individual needs, and helps build student confidence and motivation outside of the classroom.

New! SmartBook 2.0 identifies and closes knowledge gaps through a continually adapting reading and questioning experience that helps students master the key concepts in the chapter. SmartBook 2.0 is the latest version of SmartBook, with key updates to: improve accessibility, provide mobile functionality, allow a more granular level of content selection, and provide the ability to assign Recharge activities.

New! Content has been reviewed and revised based on the latest edition of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Sixth Edition, 2017.

New! Discussion questions for most Snapshots from Practice are now at the end of each chapter and many of the Snapshots from Practice have been expanded to more fully cover the examples.

New! Snapshot from Practice boxes feature a number of new examples of project management in action.

New! Agile Project Management is introduced in Chapter 1 and discussed when appropriate in subsequent chapters, with Chapter 15 providing a more complete coverage of the methodology.

New! An updated set of exercises have been developed for Chapter 5 and new student exercises and cases have been added to most chapters.

New! Videos: The Instructors Manual contains a listing of current YouTube videos that correspond to key concepts and Snapshots from Practice.

Established Learning Objectives: Learning objectives have been added to this edition to help students target key areas of learning. Learning objectives are listed both at the beginning of each chapter and are called out as marginal elements throughout the narrative in each chapter.

End-of Chapter Content: Both static and algorithmic end-of-chapter content, including Review Questions and Exercises, are now assignable in Connect.

Snapshots: The Snapshot from Practice boxes have been updated to include a number of new examples of project management in action. New questions based on the Snapshots are also now assignable in Connect.

New and Updated Cases: Included at the end of each chapter are between one and five cases which demonstrate key ideas from the text and help students understand how Project Management comes into play in the real world. New cases have been added across several chapters in the eighth edition.

YouTube Integration: A listing of current YouTube videos that correspond to key concepts and snapshots from practice has been added to the instructors manual to help illustrate key topics for students.

A Balanced Approach: The text is holistic in that it directs attention to the needed linkage between projects and organizational strategy. Many project management textbooks emphasize the technical aspects of the subject, while providing scant attention to the human element in projects. This text succeeds in readdressing the balance by treating both the technical and the behavioral aspects of the subject in nearly equal parts.

Broad Coverage of Industries: Unlike other textbooks on this subject, which focus primarily on one or two types of industries such as aerospace or construction, this book broadens the scope to include examples and applications from a wide array of manufacturing and service organizations, both large and small.

Unique sequence: Larson/Gray closely follow the sequence of planning and execution found in practice, while other texts may jump from one topic to another with little or no justification for moving to the next topic.

Devoted authors: Larson and Gray focus all of their energies to the field of teaching project management in a highly applicable, relevant manner. Their goal is to teach students project management skills that may be applied directly after college and beyond.

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ISE Project Management: The Managerial Process (2024)
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